Percy Pig turns 30 and here's how he is celebrating

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Percy PigT™ celebrates the PIG 3-0 this year. Starting off as a humble sweet back in 1992,he’s now the most famous brand at M&S.

Currently the store sells moret than 400 million individual Percy Pig™ sweets every year … that’s more than 20 million bags, with 38 bags sold every minute.

The growth of Percy’s range over that time has been stratospheric. Expanding across multiple products, resulting in more than 50 current Percy Pig™ items listed on the M&S website including pajamas bedding, bath fizzers and sweet bouquets.

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Sweets are still a big hit with 12 types of Percy Pig™ sweets in the range, from multiflavoured Party Time Percy to Percy and Penny and Percy Pigs and Pals, and that doesn’t include his new limited-edition birthday sweets either.

His official birthday is July 23 and he shares his birthday with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, footballer Danny Ings and Hunger Games actor Woody Harrelson.

Percy has a wish list of things he wants to do before that milestone comes, #Percys30before30 represents a list of all the amazing achievements he’s completed so far, and those which he still wants to do before the big day comes.

The first of those wish list dreams has come true as Percy unveiled his very own pink plaque at Waterside Food Hall in Paddington.

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This marks Percy’s first tourist attraction, meaning fans can now pop down and see the home of Percy whenever they like.

Once his wish list of things is complete, the pinnacle of these celebrations will be Percy’s 30th Birthday Party, which is being held on July 23 and is already causing a stampede of Sparks customers to register interest.

Said Percy Pig: “I certainly don’t feel 30 on the inside but I’m very excited for all the celebrations this year and to finish ticking off all the things on my #30before30 list too!

“I’m going to be having picnics, sightseeing, meeting my fans and having a great big party with them all to celebrate too.”

There will be a whole new range of Percy Pig items available in store such as a Limited Edition Percy Pig Backpack and Percy Party Cupcakes.

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