Does James Bond die in No Time to Die? Spoilers for Daniel Craig film - and will there be another movie

Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007 has opened with a record breaking weekend at the box office

**Warning: This article contains No Time To Do Spoilers**

No Time To Die has finally hit UK cinemas after 18-month delays, opening with a record breaking weekend at the box office.

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Daniel Craig’s final outing as the British spy made £88m in the 54 countries in which it launched, and is expected to make over £100m when it launches in China later this month.

Few details about the film were revealed ahead of its premiere, and audiences have already been wowed by the movie’s surprise twists - including the fate of James Bond himself.

Here’s all you need to know about whether James Bond dies at the end of No Time To Die, and other major spoilers in the film.

Does James Bond die in No Time To Die?

It may seem hard to believe, but James Bond does die at the end of No Time To Die.

The death occurs on Safin’s island, where Bond travelled with Nomi to save Madeleine and their daughter Mathilde. After ensuring their safety, Madeleine, Mathilde and Nomi escape to a nearby island by boat, leaving Bond to kill the villainous Safin.

The island is home to Safin, and a factory mass producing an infectious disease that uses nanotechnology to target people based on DNA. The weapon was originally developed by M as an efficient way of eliminating enemies without collateral damage.

After fighting off Safin’s henchman in a memorable and action packed stairwell shootout, Bond eventually manages to open the large missile silo doors that will allow an MI6 authorised missile strike to destroy the island.

However, the plan comes to an abrupt halt, after Safin reemerges and shoots Bond in the leg. Bond eventually overpowers the villain, and shoots him several times, but Safin’s last world reveals a horrible truth. Using a glass bottle carrying the DNA infection of Madeleine and Mathilde, Safin crushed the bottle when Bond attacked him, infecting him with the virus - meaning Bond can never touch the two of them again or they will die instantly.

Once Safin is dead, Bond reopens the missile silos and begins to realise his fate. After ignoring Q’s demands to get off the island, with the missiles only minutes away, Bond requests to speak to Madeleine.

In a rare show of love and affection for the franchise, Bond and Madeleine speak of their love and their daughter. Moments later the missiles strike the island, killing Bond immediately.

The final moments of the film show his MI6 colleagues (Moneypenny, M, Q, Nomi and Tanner) raising a drink to the now deceased Agent. The movie ends with Madeleine driving Bond’s Aston Martin with their daughter, finishing with the line “I want to tell you about a man. His name was Bond, James Bond.”

Other major No Time To Die spoilers

No Time To Die features several surprise moments including the death of a recurring character, a plot twist, and an unexpected baby. Here is a rundown of some of the major No Time To Die spoilers.

The action comes thick and fast in the latest Bond film, and within all the carnage Bond’s long-term ally and friend Felix Leiter dies. The death takes place after what appears to be a successful mission in Cuba, but Leiter’s State Department colleague, Logan Ash, turns out to be an assassin.

Aside from Bond’s death at the end, the movie also reveals that James Bond has a kid. After visiting Madeleine at her childhood home in Norway, her daughter Mathilde is revealed. Initially denying that the child is Bond’s, the movie later shows Safin revealing that Mathilde is in fact Bond’s.

Will there be another James Bond film?

Yes, there will be another James Bond movie.

The search for the next 007 will begin shortly, with the film’s producer, Barbara Broccoli, stating the search will commence in 2022.