Don’t Worry Darling: trailer, UK release date and cast including Harry Styles for second film by Olivia Wilde

The thriller, which stars Florence Pugh and Chris Pine, will be released in cinemas later this year

Olivia Wilde’s new thriller Don’t Worry Darling will be released in September 2022.Olivia Wilde’s new thriller Don’t Worry Darling will be released in September 2022.
Olivia Wilde’s new thriller Don’t Worry Darling will be released in September 2022.

Anticipation is building for Olivia Wilde’s new thriller Don’t Worry Darling - and now it’s just a few weeks from the release date a new teaser clip and promotional posters have been released.

The film, due to be released later this year, stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, with fans already clamouring for a glimpse of the stars on screen.

A newly-released trailer will have to do until the film hits cinema screens in the autumn.

So, what exactly is the film about, when will it be released, who is in the cast, and where can you watch the trailer.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Don’t Worry Darling About?

Don’t Worry Darling is director Wilde’s second feature length film, and follows a young couple who join a utopian community in the 1950s California desert.

It’s completely different to Wilde’s first film, Booksmart, which was a coming of age comedy.

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller which tells the story of unhappy housewife Alice, who begins to question her sanity when she notices strange happenings in her glamorous community of Victory.

All husbands in the area, including her own husband Jack, work on a mysterious project - and Victory is the housing the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families are given.

The community is led by Frank, who also lives in one of the houses with his wife Shelley.

While the husbands spend every day inside the Victory Project Headquarters working, their wives get to spend their time enjoying the beauty and luxury of the community.

All needs are met by the company and all they ask in return is discretion and commitment to the Victory cause. Nobody is supposed to ask any questions.

Problems arise when Alice can’t help but question exactly what they’re doing in Victory, and it’s soon revealed that Jack is hiding a dark secret.

What do the new promotional posters for Don’t Worry Darling show?

On Thursday 18 August, the Warner Brothers’ official Australian Twitter account released three new photos from the psychological thriller.

The account shared close-up shots of three actors from their star-studded cast; Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine.

The tweet reads: “All is well in Victory...”

The three images feature the characters of Jack played by Harry Styles, Alice played by Florence Pugh, and Frank portrayed by Chris Pine.

The title of the Olivia Wilde-directed flick is emblazoned across the faces of the three actors, and when placed next to each other the images read, “Don’t. Worry. Darling.”

Pugh looks teary-eyed in the poster as Alice, reflecting her difficult life as an unhappy housewife in a mysterious town.

What does the new teaser footage for Don’t Worry Darling show?

The new teaser clip shows a close-up of Styles and Pugh’s characters Jack and Alice cuddling in bed, with text across the screen that reads: “are you ready to live the life you deserve?”

The slow-motion shot of the lovers then abruptly cuts away to creepy masked black and white characters approaching the camera.

The clip was shared on Pugh’s Instagram page on Thursday 11 August, along with the caption “‘Not everyone gets this opportunity…’ Not long now!”

Where did the idea for Don’t Worry Darling come from?

Olivia Wilde said in an interview with American Vogue that the focus of the film was to ask, “What are you willing to sacrifice in order to do what’s right? If you really think about it, are you willing to blow up the system that serves you?”

She said the idea for the storyline was inspired by a conversation with social political activist  Gloria Steinem on how to respond to Donald Trump’s election, in which she told her not to pay taxes.

She said she thought, “I own property, I have kids, I don’t think I can do that” before realising that “this is why nothing will change”.

She added: “That was the beginning of Don’t Worry Darling. I was like, who’s that person who’s actually willing to destroy the structure that is built entirely for their comfort?”

Who stars in Don’t Worry Darling?

The film features a host of well-known names. Florence Pugh and Harry Styles take the main roles of Alice and Jack.

Wilde plays Mary. She is joined in the supporting cast by Chris Pine who plays Frank, Gemma Chan as Shelley, KiKi Layne as Margaret and Nick Kroll as Bill.

Dita Von Teese also plays a burlesque dancer.

When will Don’t Worry Darling be released?

Don’t Worry Darling will be in cinemas in the US on 23 September 2022, Wilde has confirmed.

It will be released on the same date in the UK.

Filming began back in September 2020, but the production had to be paused for two weeks in October 2020 after someone on set tested positive for coronavirus.

There was a further interruption in January 2021 when Covid-19 cases began to surge in the US, causing filming to once again be halted for a few weeks.

What does the trailer show and how can you watch it?

The trailer, which is both steamy and creepy, shows Alice growing increasingly suspicious about the true nature of the idyllic, Stepford Wives-style suburb she’s living in.

Her questions create problems in her marriage, though the racy shots shown in the trailer suggest there are still plenty of intimate moments between the pair.

The trailer does also show some tense and unnerving scenes, including Jack screaming and Alice tearing cling film that has been wound tightly around her head, hinting that there are also some frightening things happening.

You can watch the full trailer below.