Is there a Jeffrey Dahmer movie? How to watch My Friend Dahmer on TV, who’s in the cast, trailer

Adapted from the graphic novel, My friend Dahmer has been described as ‘the story before that story’

Netflix’s latest true crime series Monster - Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story tells the grisly true story of America’s most notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, who was responsible for the gruesome murders of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Since his horrific crimes were revealed, there have been plenty of TV shows and films depicting his story.

The most recent film, My Friend Dahmer, which stars Ross Lynch (Austin and Ally) tells the story of his teenage years.

Released in 2017, it is adapted from the graphic novel of Dahmer’s high school friend.

Here’s everything you need to know about My Friend Dahmer and how you can watch it.

Miles Robbins, Ross Lynch, Anne Heche, Alex Wolff, and Marc Meyers attend the “My Friend Dahmer” Premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival (Pic: Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

Is there a Jeffrey Dahmer movie?

My Friend Dahmer is a movie that tells the story of the notorious serial killer’s teenage years.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Jack ‘Derf’ Backderf, who was one of Dahmer’s high school friends, it premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and was released in selected UK cinemas in 2018.

Speaking to The Repository, director Marc Meyers explained: “Our film is sort of the story before that story.”

Adding: “It’s his childhood ... (and) it’s an origins story, and that can say so much more about a person rather than going through all the gruesome details line by line.”

What is the plot?

My Friend Dahmer is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Backderf, one of Dahmer’s high school friends.

It tells the story of one of America’s most infamous serial killers as he struggles with high school, problems at home and his growing dark obsessions.

Starring Lynch in the role of Dahmer we see him befriended by a group of boys who call themselves The Dahmer Fan Club, headed by Backderf played by Alex Wolff (The Naked Brothers).

Dahmer seems to have found happiness in his group of friends, but he can’t outrun the darkness that is growing within him.

Who is in the cast?

My Friend Dahmer has a star studded cast. Dahmer is played by Disney star Lynch who is best known for his role in Austin and Ally.

Lynch has joined a line of ex-Disney stars portraying serial killers, with High School Musical’s Zac Efron depicting Ted Bundy in the film Extremingly Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

In an interview with US Magazine about the role, Lynch explained: “this isn’t necessarily a ’boo’ scary film, but instead, it looks at the capabilities of a human, which makes it scary.

“People often only see one side to someone’s personality, but there are levels. Playing Dahmer, there were ups and downs. It wasn’t all dark, all the time. I felt a wide range of emotions.”

Adding: “When I was on Disney Channel, I was thinking of the projects that I wanted to do next. I wanted to do something that was darker, a more intense character.”

Here is the cast for My Friend Dahmer:

  • Jeff Dahmer - Ross Lynch
  • Derf Backderf - Alex Wolff
  • Joyce Dahmer - Anne Heche
  • Lionel Dahmer - Dallas Roberts
  • Dave Dahmer - Liam Koeth
My Friend Dahmer director Marc Meyers, actor Ross Lynch, cartoonist Derf Backderf and producer Jody Girgenti (Pic: AFP via Getty Images)

Is there a trailer?

The trailer for the movie was released in 2017, you can watch it below.

How can you watch My Friend Dahmer on TV?

My Friend Dahmer is available to stream for free in the UK on All4.

It’s also available to rent on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play for £1.99.

Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to a total of 957 years in prison for his horrific crimes (Pic: AFP via Getty Images)

How much of My Friend Dahmer is true?

My Friend Dahmer is based on Backderf’s graphic novel about their high school friendship. Many of the storylines depicted are true, from Dahmer’s obssesion with dismembering roadkill, to his loneliness and parent’s bitter divorce.

Speaking in 2017 with SF Weekly, about their friendship Backderf said: “I was always kind of wary of Jeff, honestly.”

Adding: “On some instinctual level, I just didn’t want to be alone with him too much. That was a pretty good instinct.”