Among Us Airship update: game’s new map and tasks explained - and how to create an account

The whodunnit murder mystery game has released its biggest update so far, including a brand new map and account system
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Multiplayer murder mystery game Among Us became one of the most popular games to play during the second half of 2020, despite having originally been released in 2018.

After garnering mainstream attention thanks to streamers playing it on platforms such as Twitch, developer InnerSloth decided to scrap the sequel to the game that had been in the works and instead fully commit to improving the original app.

Now, a new update which was released on 31 March ushers in the biggest changes to the game since its popularity skyrocketed last year.

The new update features the highly anticipated new map Airship (Photo: Innersloth)The new update features the highly anticipated new map Airship (Photo: Innersloth)
The new update features the highly anticipated new map Airship (Photo: Innersloth)

This is everything you need to know.

How to get the new update?

Thankfully for Among Us fans, there’s nothing complicated that you need to do to secure the newest update.

For mobile users, the app should update by itself, but if not, simply head into your app store and should be an option to update it there.

For those playing on Steam, again, the game should automatically update by itself, or you’ll get a notification letting you know that an update is available and offer you the option of whether not you’d like to update.

On Steam, you also have the option to download beta updates, which you can do by going to your library in Steam, right clicking on Among Us on the left side-bar, selecting properties from the list, clicking the betas tab and then, from the dropdown menu, selecting public beta.

From there, click on close and then the game should update automatically after that with the latest beta.

What's new in the map?

The Airship is the newest map to be added to the lineup, alongside Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus.

The new map is easily the biggest out of all the maps on offer, and with it, a whole host of changes.

To start, you can choose which room you want to start in, instead of automatically spawning in the same place as your fellow crewmates, or imposters.

As well as the usual tasks that players will be familiar with, like fixing the wiring, diverting power and downloading data, there are a bunch of new activities that need to be done on the Airship.

The new tasks include:

- Reset breakers

- Put away pistols and rifles

- Sort records

- Rewind tapes

- Develop photos

- Clean toilet

- Start fans

- Fix shower

- Make burger

- Unlock safe

- Polish jewels

- Dress mannequin

If you want to get to grips with the map before launching yourself into a game, then from the homescreen, you can select “freeplay” and choose Airship.

From there, you’ll be placed into the map by yourself with some assigned tasks, allowing you to run around and get used to the new layout without having to worry about getting murdered or being interrupted by meetings.

Are there new hats and outfits?

Along with the new update, several new hat options have also been added, including:

- Heart hat

- Unicorn

- Angry eyebrows

- Poop hat

- Rubber glove

- Zipper

- Ponytail

A new Airship skin bundle is also now available as well, which offers a range of hats and outfit options too. Each new outfit in this bundle comes with its own custom kill animation.

How do I make an account?

As part of the new update, players are required to create an account in order to play.

In the home screen, you should see in the upper left hand corner a tab that says “account”. Simply tap on this button and you should see an ID card design with your Among Us character and username on it.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see two options - “sign in” and “randomise name”.

Click “sign in” and a new box will appear that asks if you’d like to create an account. Select “okay” and that’s all you have to do. You should see a box that then says “Success! You’ve successfully created an account!”

However, many users have reported a glitch that prevents them from making an account using Android devices.

When the users clicks “sign in”, they’re then met with a message that says: “Failed! Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later. (Error GoogleAuthNoToken).”

The Among Us developers are aware of this problem and are currently working on a fix, however there has been no information about when this might be resolved.

For these players, it means that they’re stuck on a guest account, meaning that they can only use the Quick Chat feature whilst playing a game and unable to type.

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