PSVR 2: release date, games including Beat Saber, where to pre order PlayStation 5 VR in the UK, headset price

Good looking games, innovative in-headset feedback - but all of that doesn’t come cheap

It’s been a long time coming, but Sony’s next iteration of its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset is almost upon us.

Sony first offered a glimpse of the new headset back in February 2022, saying it will mark “a giant leap forward in the way we play games in virtual reality”.

Virtual reality gaming has become steadily more popular in recent years as technology and the range of VR headsets on the market have increased, with the original PSVR – first launched in 2016 – being the first headset from a major games console developer.

But it still remains an expensive pursuit, as most headsets (already expensive pieces of kit in their own right), require specialist and pricey PC setups to run such games. The PlayStation VR2 - PSVR 2 for short - is designed as a relatively accessible VR headset compatible with the PlayStation 5 console that is easy to use and run.

For instance, the number of cables needed to run the headset has been reduced to one compared to the first generation PSVR, and its new, more rounded design has Sony hoping it can “become an attractive part of your living room decor”.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

What new features does it have?

(Image: Sony)
(Image: Sony)
(Image: Sony)

Of course, being compatible with the PlayStation 5, the PSVR 2 headset has access to more computational power and more modern gaming technology than that found in the older PS4 console, and can deliver “stunning visual fidelity in 4K HDR and state-of-art graphical rendering” as a result.

Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation’s senior vice president for platform experience, said in a February 2022 blog post that there are “plenty of exciting new features to look forward to in the PS VR2 system.”

These include “enhanced tracking such as inside-out camera tracking, new PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology features such as headset feedback, and the new, intuitive PSVR 2 Sense controller that creates an incredibly deep feeling of immersion.”

Using a rumble motor integrated into the PSVR 2 headset itself to offer additional feedback while playing, you’ll be able to physically feel the impact of something flying past your face. Not only does this aid with in-game immersion, but research suggests using this kind of force feedback can lessen motion sickness, since it fools the brain into thinking that you are actually moving through a physical space.

What are the new controllers like?

(Image: Sony)
(Image: Sony)
(Image: Sony)

One of the biggest improvements of the original PSVR headset is the addition of two new controllers, known as the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, which take the place of the PS Move wands used by the original PSVR.

They use “inside-out” tracking technology to identify their position relative to the headset. As such, even when held behind your back, they won’t ever lose their place because they are tracked by a four-camera array inside the PSVR 2 headset itself.

The new PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, in contrast to PS Move wands, also feature an analogue stick for each thumb and match the inputs of a conventional DualSense controller, with the Square and Triangle buttons on the left pad, and Circle and Cross on the right.

A touch sensor on the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers can also tell when you’re gripping the pad, which will let you use your hands in-game to create more organic movements, such as making a fist or holding out your palm, depending on the situation.

What games will it play?

(Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
(Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
(Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

More than 30 games are in development for PSVR 2 from PlayStation Studios and Sony’s third party partners, including new VR experiences for Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky and Gran Turismo .

But one of the standout titles that will launch with the new headset is PSVR 2 exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain, set in the world of the popular Horizon franchise. It’s a brand new adventure built specifically for PSVR 2, and players will take on the role of a new character - though they will encounter series protagonist, Aloy.

Unfortunately, it is not backwards compatible with games released for the first generation PSVR games as, according to Sony, the PSVR 2 was designed to deliver "a truly next-generation VR experience.”

The full list of PSVR 2 launch games is as follows:

  • 2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star
  • After the Fall
  • Altair Breaker
  • Cities VR: Enhanced Edition
  • Cosmonious High
  • Creed Rise to Glory: Championship Edition
  • Demeo
  • Drums Rock
  • Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate
  • Fantavision 202X
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain
  • Kayak VR: Mirage
  • Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat
  • Moss
  • Moss: Book II
  • NFL Pro Era
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Pavlov VR
  • Pistol Whip
  • Puzzling Places
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Rez Infinite
  • Song in the Smoke: Rekindled
  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge - Enhanced Edition
  • Swordsman VR
  • Synth Riders: Remastered Edition
  • Tetris Effect Connected
  • The Last Clockwinder
  • The Light Brigade
  • The Tale of Onogoro
  • Tentacular
  • Townsmen VR
  • What the Bat?
  • Zenith: The Last City

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, one of the big sticking points with Sony’s new headset is its price. The PSVR 2 will cost as much - if not more - than a new PS5 console itself, and since you will need both to enjoy the experience, if you’re a new user looking to get into the VR space, you’re looking at a price tag of upwards of £1,000.

The base PSVR 2, which comes with the headset, two Sense controllers and stereo headphones, will cost £529.99. Of course, you’re going to need games to actually play on the thing too, and if you choose a bundle that includes a Horizon Call of the Mountain download code, you’re looking at an expense of £569.99.

Then there are all the extras and accessories you might need - a Sense Controller charging station will be sold separately for £39.99.

When is it released?

Sony has confirmed that PSVR 2 will launch on Wednesday 22 February 2023.

Where can I buy it?

If you’re lucky enough to have the cash to splash on this latest piece of gaming tech, you can do so by placing a pre-order directly with PlayStation.