BTS’ V launches pre-orders for new ‘Layover’ merchandise drop - what’s being released on the WeVerse store?

A brand new merchandise drop has been revealed on the BTS WeVerse store, in celebration of BTS member V’s solo album being released. ‘Layover,’ released on September 8 2023, has already topped the album charts in South Korea, but as of three days ago, it is also set to enter the Billboard chart in the top 10.

This feat would make V the fifth member of the group to chart around or within this chart position, following in the steps of Suga, J-Hope, RM and Jimin. So could this new merch drop be a pre-emptive celebration if it does?

Pre-orders for the merchandise drop begin Friday, September 15 2023 in KST time, so those in other time zones, including the UK, might want to set their alarm clocks a little earlier this evening. Stock is also limited so once the run has sold out, that’s it we’re afraid.