Glastonbury 2023 tickets: how to register for a festival ticket, when they could go on sale and possible price

Anyone wanting to buy tickets for Glastonbury 2023 will have to register on the Glastonbury Festival website before they are eligible

Glastonbury 2022 failed to disappoint after crowds were treated to memorable performances from headliners Sir Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar.

Whilst the sun has set on this year’s festival, attention is quickly turning to Glastonbury 2023.

It’s been a long time since people were able to buy tickets, with the majority of this year’s festival being sold in 2019.

Tickets sold out in just under half an hour, with fans predicting a similar situation when tickets go on sale for 2023.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get your hands on a pair.

Will there be a Glastonbury 2023?

It has been confirmed that Glastonbury will once again be returning to Worthy Farm in 2023.

Tickets for the last Glastonbury festival sold out in under 30 minutes (Pic: AFP via Getty Images)

The exact dates of the festival have yet to be made public, but it is expected to be held as usual around the end of June.

The announcement of the next festival usually occurs a few months after the previous one has ended.

Fans who are eager to get their hands on tickets are recommended to keep a close eye on Glastonbury’s social media for regular updates.

When will tickets for Glastonbury 2023 be released?

The exact release date for tickets to Glastonbury 2023 has not yet been determined.

However, judging from previous years, they traditionally go on sale around October time.

Tickets for the 2022 festival went on sale all the way back in 2019.

They rolled over from the cancelled festival in 2020, with a lucky set number being released in the March resale.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2023 will be a fresh start, with preference given to anyone who has pre-registered.

How do you register for Glastonbury tickets?

Before you can buy tickets for Glastonbury you have to first register at the Glastonbury Festival website.

The link is open prior to the tickets being released and is designed to stop ticket scalpers.

To register you will need to enter your details and include a photograph.

If you buying tickets for other people, they will also need to be registered.

Who will headline Glastonbury 2023?

The lineup for Glastonbury 2023 has not yet been confirmed.

Festival founder Michael Eavis confirmed that all of the acts have already been booked during an interview with BBC Sounds.

There is speculation that one of the headliners may be Taylor Swift.

Swift was originally meant to headline the festival in 2020 but did not join the lineup in 2022.

How much are tickets to Glastonbury?

Ticket prices to Glastonbury 2023 have not yet been confirmed and are expected to be announced after the 2022 festival wraps up.

For Glastonbury 2022 tickets cost £280 + £5 booking fee, which had increased from the 2020 ticket price of £265.

It’s expected that the ticket cost for Glastonbury 2023 will increase, but this has not yet been confirmed.

What’s included in your Glastonbury ticket price?

The ticket price will allow you acces to see all of the festival’s performances, there is also no addition fee for camping, unlike other music festivals.

The cost of a Glastonbury ticket includes:

  • Entry to the Festival
  • Five nights camping (with no early entry fees)
  • Free programme
  • Free miniguide
  • Free mobile phone charging
  • Free on-site newspaper
  • Free mobile app
  • Free firewood
  • Kidzfield, where all entertainment, rides and activities are free of charge
  • Support for Oxfam, Greenpeace, WaterAid and hundreds of other worthy causes (£2m given annually in recent years)
  • Funds to improve the Festival’s infrastructure and environmental impact

What is a fallow year?

Every five years Glastonbury takes a year off to allow the farmland to recover from all those boots on the ground.

Festival founder Michael Eavis poses for a photograph as he checks on cows from his diary herd inside the cow shed at Worthy Farm (Pic: Getty Images)

It also allows villagers in Pilton a much needed break from the 200,000 strong festival-goers that descend on the area.

It is called a fallow year and actually originates from farming, when farmers would give fields time to recover from livestock.

The next fallow year isn’t predicted until 2027.