Antony Starr: who is Homelander actor in The Boys, why was he arrested in Spain - what else has he been in?

Antony Starr plays Homelander in Amazon Prime superhero series The Boys alongside Karl Urban and Erin Moriarty

New Zealand actor Antony Starr gained international renown for his role as the narcissistic, all-powerful supervillain Homelander in the flagship Amazon Prime Video show The Boys.

Starr’s performance in season three of The Boys, which is now available to watch on Amazon Prime, had many fans calling for him to be nominated for an Emmy.

He has several other film and TV credits to his name, as well as and a new movie, directed by Guy Ritchie and co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal, in the pipeline.

However, Starr became the subjeect of negative media attention a few weeks before the release of the third season of The Boys when he was arrested in Spain.

Who is Antony Starr, what has he been in, why was he arrested in Spain, and what has he said about the incident? Here is everything you need to know:

Antony Starr is a lead actor in The Boys

Who is Antony Starr?

Antony Starr was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1975 and began acting professionally when he was 20.

He is well known down under for his dual role as twins Jethro and Van West in the New Zealand comedy crime series Outrageous Fortune which ran from 2005-2010.

He played the lead role of ex-con Lucas Hood in the American action series Banshee and played Garrett Hawthorne in mystery series American Gothic.

In 2019 he took on the role of Homelander, the leader of a corrupt group of Superheroes, in the comic book adaptation The Boys.

Homelander is a manically narcissistic, insecure super being who blackmails, tortures, and kills in order to get what he wants.

His film career includes starring roles as John Drean in New Zealand drama After the Waterfall, and Jeremy King in Australian mystery drama Wish You Were Here.

He is also due to star in the upcoming horror film Cobweb, and an as yet untitled Guy Ritchie film in which he will starr alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anthony Starr as Homelander in The Boys (Credit: Prime Video)

Why was Antony Starr arrested?

Starr was arrested on 2 March 2022 in Alicante, Spain after he assaulted a 21-year old chef at a pub while drunk.

It was reported that Starr punched the chef twice causing him to be taken to hospital where he received four stitches.

Starr had been in Spain to shoot the Guy Ritchie film when the altercation took place.

He received a 12-month suspended prison sentence (all sentences under 2 years are automatically suspended in Spain if the offender does not have a criminal record) for the crime of wounding, and had to pay the equivalent of £4,400 in restitution to avoid jail.

Speaking about the incident later this year, Starr said: “I got myself into a situation that was negative and I reacted poorly, and the way forward from that was very clear.

“It was quite simply to take ownership of it, which I do, and then really learn from it and move forward.”

The chef, Bathuel Araujo, told police that he had been punched by Starr twice before having a glass smashed in his face.

Starr will not have to spend any time in prison as long as he does not reoffend in Spain during the period of his suspended sentence.

When is The Boys on Amazon?

Season three of The Boys is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video now, with new episodes being released every week.

There are eight episodes in season three, and the fifth episode will drop on Amazon Prime on 17 June.

All of season one and two are also available to watch on Prime now.