Billy Connolly: comedian tells Graham Norton he cannot write - as he plugs book ‘Windswept and Interesting’

Connolly retired from stand up comedy in 2020, he continues to work following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease eight years ago

Sir Billy Connolly revealed his Parkinson’s disease has claimed his ability to write, as he plugged his new book ‘Windswept and Interesting’.

The 78-year-old comedy legend broke the news on Graham Norton’s BBC show on Friday night, saying the deterioration of his writing “breaks my heart”.

Connolly released his autobiogrpahy on 12 October (Picture: Waterstones/Twitter)

‘I used to love writing letters to people’

His autobiography, ‘Windswept and Interesting’ was published on 12 October, in which he divulges the experiences of his five decades in comedy.

Connolly was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013, the illness is a neurological condition which affects dopamine, the chemical responsible for regulating the movement of the body.

Appearing on the Graham Norton show from his Florida home, Connolly was quick to reassure fans that despite the aggressive nature of the conditions, “life is good”.

He said: “I have lost the ability to write. And it breaks my heart as I used to love writing letters to people.”

Billy Connolly received a knighthood in 2017 for his services to entertainment and charity (Picture: Getty Images)

Billy went on to say: “My writing went down the swanny and is totally illegible, so I had to find a way to record everything, but then the recorder didn’t understand my accent so it kept collapsing and my family would have to sort it.”

“I have good days and bad days. It’s creeping up on me and it never lets go. I walk like a drunk man and have to have help. So, life is different, but it is good,” he added.

‘Come along for the ride’

The Glasgow-born entertainer retired from comedy in 2020 due to the impact on his health, but will star in a new five-part series for Gold, looking back at his 50 years in stand up and “provide an unrivalled glimpse into his life”.

Billy Connolly Does… will showcase “classic and hidden treasures” from his best material, as well as hearing from him on how his views have changed over the years.

Filmed at his Florida home, viewers will hear firsthand from the comedian, “I’m really looking forward to sharing a few of my favourite moments from over the years,” he said of the show.

“It’s been brilliant, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.”

Windswept and Interesting: My Autobiography is available now on Amazon as a hardcover or audiobook.