Commando - Britain’s Ocean Warriors: BBC 2 release date, how to watch and what is a Green Beret Royal Marine?

The first episode will follow new recruits as they undergo training to see if they have what it takes to earn a prestigious green beret

Royal Marine Commando recruit, Dom, at the Commando training centre on BBC 2 show Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors.Royal Marine Commando recruit, Dom, at the Commando training centre on BBC 2 show Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors.
Royal Marine Commando recruit, Dom, at the Commando training centre on BBC 2 show Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors.

Documentary-makers have been given unprecedented access to all ranks of the Royal Marines Commandos, from the highest echelons to the fresh-faced recruits.

The new BBC series shows the men and women who are part of one of Britain’s most elite fighting forces and what it truly means to be Commando today.

So, what can viewers expect if they tune in to the documentary, how many episodes will there be and how can you watch it?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors?

The BBC synopsis describes Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors as a factual documentary series which reveals the real story of the men and women who wear the famous green beret.

It is narrated by actor David Leon, who has previously starred in ITV crime drama Vera.

The series follows the inside story of the iconic Green Berets, one of the most famous military units in the world, as they’re deployed anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, acting as strike troops, peacekeepers and sea-borne raiders.

The cameras follow the Commandos as they face the unknown and danger on a daily basis as they tackle environmental disasters, take on international threats, protect British interests and even hunt for smugglers.

The green beret is a symbol synonymous with the Royal Marines and is worn by recruits who have passed the commando course,  as well as other personnel from the Royal Air Force, Navy and British Army that serve in 3 Commando Brigade.

When is Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors on TV?

The first episode of Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors will air on BBC 2 at 8pm on Sunday 8 May.

Viewers will be taken behind the scenes of this elite military organisation, as cameras follow two young recruits as they attempt to earn the prestigious green beret.

The episode will be available shortly after broadcast on BBC iPlayer and will also be repeated on Saturday 14 May at 4pm.

The second episode of the series will air on BBC 2 at 8pm on Sunday 15 May. This episode will also be available shortly after broadcast on BBC iPlayer.

It shows the recruits in pursuit of drug smugglers in the Persian Gulf and sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic for survival training.

What will viewers see in episode one of Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors?

In the first episode of the documentary series, viewers meet new recruits Dom and Kane, who are hoping to earn a place in the Royal Marines Commandos by taking on the longest infantry training in the world.

Dom, 16, is one of the youngest recruits and applied when he was still at school in London.

He tells the film-makers he signed up to try and make a better life for himself.

"Where I’m from some people get into trouble early, they get put in prison for selling drugs,” he said.

"Any little scrap can end up with you being stabbed, so it’s best to get out of that situation. This is one of the best things I can do."

During the episode, audiences see the new recruits put to the test with a number of physical and mental challenges, including an arduous 30-mile trek over Dartmoor in less than eight hours while carrying 30lb of equipment.

Troop commander Fergie explains that this training reveals if the recruits have the resilience required to earn a coveted green beret.

He said: "We’re pushing individuals to their limit and sometimes beyond because that’s what we require from them when we set them loose.

"You need the determination to push on when the going gets tough. When it’s cold, wet and miserable and most people want to give up, that’s when you need to crack on."

How many episodes of Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors are there?

There are four hour-long episodes of Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors in total.

No information about episodes three and four is available yet, but we expect them to follow the pattern of the first two episodes and also air on consecutive Sundays in the same time slot.

Episode three would therefore air on 22 May, and episode four on 29 May.

It’s also not yet known if episodes two, three and four will be repeated on BBC 2 the Saturday following the original broadcast, but we expect they will be..

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