Eurovision 2022: which countries vote for UK in song contest? Our biggest allies revealed in interactive map

Our interactive maps will show you how the UK’s allies have changed over five decades of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The UK is no stranger to scoring a humiliating ‘nil points’ at the Eurovision Song Contest and last year’s entry from James Newman was sadly no improvement on recent low scores.

All hopes are on Sam Ryder with the country hoping ‘Super Man’ can at least get a single point at the grand final this Saturday (14 May) in Rome.

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Unfortunately for Sam the bookies’ favourite is Ukraine, who look set to take home the trophy at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

But that’s not to say Sam won’t have a strong chance of gaining a few points, especially from some historically reliable friends.

NationalWorld has crunched the numbers to reveal which countries the UK can rely on the most for points this Saturday night.

Our interactive maps below show how the UK’s allies have changed over five decades of the contest.

Which countries support the UK the most at Eurovision?

According to figures published on open data site, Data.World, our close neighbour Ireland has been the UK’s greatest supporter since 1975 giving 219 points in total. Austria has also proved to be a reliable ally over the years and has given the UK 168 points, while Portugal has awarded 156 points.


France is our fifth biggest supporter – despite the nation’s historic rivalry with England.

The interactive maps below will show you which countries have been the friendliest towards the UK since 1975 and how voting figures have changed over the years.


Eurovision super fans will be aware that not every country features at each contest and some have changed names or territories over the years. This analysis has looked at results from every grand final from 1975 to 2021 (except for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic).


Which countries does the UK support the most?

Further analysis of Eurovision data shows the UK too has its favourite nations.

It has given Ireland the greatest amount of points since 1975 with 230 points in total.

Sweden was found to be the country’s second favourite Eurovision nation receiving 207 points in total.