Franklin Delano Floyd: who is Sharon Marshall’s suspected killer, who were his other victims, where is he now?

Girl in the Picture is a new Netflix true crime documentary which tells the grim story of American murderer, kidnapper and rapist Franklin Delano Floyd

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New Netflix true crime documentary film Girl in the Picture explores the almost unbelievable crimes of the American murderer Franklin Delano White.

The feature-length film begins with the death of a woman in a hit-and-run attack - she leaves behind a son and a man who claims to be her husband.

From there, events take a strange turn, and the documentary uncovers a plot of kidnapping, sexual abuse, and murder.

Franklin Floyd and Suzanne SevakisFranklin Floyd and Suzanne Sevakis
Franklin Floyd and Suzanne Sevakis

Who is Franklin Delano Floyd?

Floyd was born in the state of Georgia in 1943, the youngest of five children - his alcoholic father died when Floyd was one year old, and he and his siblings were raised in a small apartment by his mother and her parents.

Floyd’s criminal life began when he was a teenager as he broke into a department store to steal a gun when he was 16.

In 1962 he abducted and sexually assaulted a four year old boy and was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released after 10 years.

Shortly after his release he attempted to sexually assault a woman in her car - he was rearrested but went on the run when out on bail.

Floyd then met a woman named Sandra Brandenburg, who had four children, and the pair started a relationship.

One day while Brandenburg was serving a 30-day prison sentence, Floyd fled with her children - two were soon found at a church group, but the whereabouts of the oldest child, Suzanne, and the youngest Philip, were unknown for decades.

Suzanne Sevakis was raised by Floyd and he later married herSuzanne Sevakis was raised by Floyd and he later married her
Suzanne Sevakis was raised by Floyd and he later married her

In 2019, a man who had been privately adopted in as a child was revealed to be Philip following DNA testing.

It was later found that Floyd raised Suzanne as his own daughter, changing her name several times - she eventually became known as Sharon Marshall.

She had a son in 1988 and married her quasi-father Floyd the following year.

In 1990, Suzanne, now going by the name Tonya Hughes, decided to run away with her child and man she was having an affair with - later that month she was found dead in a hit-and-run accident.

Floyd is a person of interest and prime suspect in her death but has not been charged with the crime.

What crimes was Franklin Delano Floyd convicted of?

After her death, Suzanne’s son, Michael was taken into care, and DNA tests showed that Floyd was not the boy’s father.

Floyd abducted Michael from his school after forcing the head teacher at gunpoint to take him to him.

Michael has not been seen since the abduction and while there have been conflicting reports about what happened to him, in a 2015 police interview Floyd stated that he killed Michael the day he took him by shooting him twice in the head.

Michael, the young child Floyd kidnapped and admitted to killingMichael, the young child Floyd kidnapped and admitted to killing
Michael, the young child Floyd kidnapped and admitted to killing

In 1995, the remains of Cheryl Ann Commesso, a former co-worker of Suzanne’s who went missing in 1989, were discovered.

Both floyd and Suzanne had been suspects in her disappearance which occurred shortly after an argument between them.

Photographs found in a truck which had previously belonged to Floyd showed Commesso tied up and badly beaten - this evidence was used to convict Floyd of her murder.

Franklin was convicted for the kidnapping of Michael and for the murder of Commesso and remains a person of interest in the death of Suzanne Sevakis/Sharon Marshall.

Floyd was convicted of first degree murder in November 2002 and setenced to death.

Where is he now?

Floys is now 79 years old and is on death row at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida.

He is one of 300 death row prisoners in Florida, and has spent almost 20 years awaiting his execution.

In Florida, capital punishment is carried out by lethal injection, but prisoners can request the electric chair.

Currently no execution date has been set.

When is Girl in the Picture on Netflix?

Girl in the Picture is available to watch on Netflix now.

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