ITVX: when is UK launch date, which shows will be on there with Big Brother 2023, what is new ITV platform?

The new channel will offer around 15,000 hours of television

ITV is set to launch a brand new free streaming service later this year.

The new series of Big Brother will be among the shows which will be broadcast on the new TV channel.

But, what other shows will be on the channel and when exactly will it launch?

Here’s everything you need to know.

ITVX, a new streaming service from ITV, will be the home of many series including old favourites and new shows such as Big Brother and A Spy Among Friends.

What is ITVX?

ITVX will be a free to watch streaming service with adverts.

If you don’t like adverts, there will be a paid-for package option which removes ads and bundles in BritBox, another paid-for streaming service which offers box sets from BBC and ITV.

If you’re used to the existing ITV Hub service then ITVX will offer a similar experience, but with a much larger library.

ITV Hub has 4,000 hours of content while ITVX will have around 11,000 hours more.

When will ITVX launch?

ITV has confirmed that their new free channel will launch later this year.

It has now been revealed that ITVX will launch in the fourth and final quarter of 2022, so viewers can expect it to launch between October and December 2022.

In a new update about the ITVX launch the broadcaster’s chief executive Carolyn McCall said: "We are on track against all the new KPIs and targets we announced earlier this year as part of the second phase of our More Than TV Strategy and we are very focussed on successfully launching ITVX, our new free ad-funded streaming service, in Q4 this year."

When ITVX launches there will be 15,000 hours worth of content available for viewers to watch.

What shows will be on ITVX?

When ITV announced the launch of the new channel they said they hoped ITVX would become a "leader" in the UK streaming space.

TV bosses said they intend the new platform will be the place where viewers can catch up on shows and watch live programming such as the Love Island Final.

The launch will mark a shake up in the way that ITV is broadcasting new content, with new shows planned to arrive on ITVX first before heading to traditional TV channels months later.

One of the most eagerly anticipated shows which will be shown on the channel is Big Brother

The reality TV show will make its return to our screens in 2023, after it last aired in 2018, and its new home will be ITVX and sister channel ITV2, TV bosses have confirmed.

New series, such as A Spy Among Friends, will also launch each week for viewers’ entertainment, and there will also be an ever-changing library of blockbuster movies, themed channels and access to thousands of boxsets.

ITVX will also offer numerous British series that fans know and love, along with true crime shows like The Real Prime Suspect and Descent of a Serial Killer, as well as popular US series such as The OC, One Tree Hill and Supernatural.

ITV has also reportedly penned details to expand the ITVX library even more.

The broadcaster announced it had signed deals with CBS Reality and Anime Ltd to bring lots of documentaries and classic anime programmes  like Cowboy Bebop to ITVX.

This deal is expected to bring with it around 400 hours worth of content to ITVX.