Jimmy Savile: when did he die, what did he do, and when is ITV documentary Portrait Of A Predator on TV?

The new documentary will offer insight into Jimmy Savile’s world of deception, telling the story of how he hid in plain sight for years

A new documentary exploring Jimmy Savile’s crimes and how his constructed career gave access to women and girls, will air tonight on ITV.

Savile: Portrait Of A Predator will speak to those who worked alongside him, and speak to Royal insiders about how he charmed Prince Charles.

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But who was Jimmy Savile, and when and how did he die? Here’s what you need to know.

Who was Jimmy Savile?

Jimmy Savile is a disgraced radio DJ and TV presenter.

He was best known for his work on BBC Radio 1 and his children’s TV entertainment show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’. The presenter also fronted the first ever Top Of The Pops, and became well known for his charity and fundraising efforts.

After his death it had emerged he had been a serial sexual offender, abusing more than 1,000 victims over six decades.

In 2012 he was exposed as a paedophile, following a documentary that aired in 2012. The programme proved to be groundbreaking and triggered a joint Scotland Yard and NSPCC report that branded him one of the UK’s most prolific known sexual predators.

The report found that Savile had used his influence and fame to prey on victims. The age of his victims ranged from five to 75.

The ITV documentary triggered the launch of Operation Yewtree which extended to investigate claims of other celebrity personalities suspected of child abuse. Artist Rolf Harris and PR manager Max Clifford were both found guilty in the investigation.

How and when did Jimmy Savile die?

Jimmy Savile was found dead at his home in Roundhay, Yorkshire, on 29 October 2011. Prior to his death, he had been in hospital with pneumonia. There was nothing suspicious about his death.

His nephew, Roger Foster, at the time said he “passed away quietly in his sleep during the night’.

When is new ITV documentary ‘Savile: Portrait Of A Predator’ on TV?

Savile: Portrait Of A Predator will air on ITV at 9:00pm on Thursday 7 October.

What is new documentary about?

The new documentary will offer insight into Jimmy Savile’s world of deception, telling the story of how he hid in plain sight for years.

The official synopsis reads: “This new documentary for ITV explores how Jimmy Savile - now recognised as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders - engineered his career and lifestyle to abuse and escape detection.

Savile’s decades-long career of abuse seriously affected the reputation of those who failed to stop him - most notably the BBC, hospital trusts and the police - once the truth emerged widely after his death ten years ago.

Seen through the eyes of those who worked alongside him and investigated him after his death ten years ago, this programme features new testimony from those who were victims and who bore witness to his crimes, while providing a vivid insight into how he courted the Establishment as a way of protecting himself.”