Nina Warhurst pregnant: BBC Breakfast presenter announces pregnancy - what did she say, who is her husband?

Broadcast journalist Nina Warhurst began her career as an actress in the late 1990s, appearing in small roles in Casualty, Heartbeat, and Butterfly Collectors

BBC Broadcaster Nina Warhurst announced last week that she and her husband are expecting their third child, although some of her viewers had already suspected that a baby bump reveal was imminent.

Nina, who regularly appears on BBC Breakfast from 6am on BBC One, said that she had experienced months of 'intense' symptoms during the first half of her pregnancy. Her news was revealed the day before BBC Breakfast celebrated its 40th anniversary and two days before her own wedding anniversary.

Who is Nina Warhurst?

Nina Warhurst is a broadcast journalist from Greater Manchester. She began her career as an actress in the late 1990s, appearing in small roles in Casualty, Heartbeat, and Butterfly Collectors.

She then gained a diploma in broadcast journalism in 2005 and began working for Russia Today in Moscow in 2007. She later presented on Channel M Breakfast, The Guardian’s regional television channel in Greater Manchester. 

Nina Warhurst announced her pregnancy on Mother's DayNina Warhurst announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day
Nina Warhurst announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day

She joined the BBC in 2010, working as a regional news presenter in the East Midlands and later in the North West. She covered the 2014 Fifa World Cup from Brazil for BBC Sport and became the political editor for BBC North West in 2016. 

She began the job for which she is best known, reporting for BBC Breakfast, in 2018 as a freelancer. Since 2020 she has been BBC Breakfast’s main business presenter.

How did Nina Warhurst announce her pregnancy?

Nina shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram on Mother’s Day, with a picture of her in the BBC Breakfast studio cradling her baby bump.

She wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to all of those who are any part of this endless handover of love, values, genes, chaos and perpetually crumb-infested kitchens. I’d like to say “you got this Mama!” But maybe you haven’t. I dunno. It’s hard isn’t it?

“That said we are doing it again. It’s been a funky few months… involving intense migraines, vomiting, morning kebabs, first time acne, small acts of violence against fruit, afternoon kebabs, tears, spontaneous snoozes, anxiety and more kebabs.

“I am settling into the middle chunk (emphasis on chunk) and enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature and her tiny kicks and flutters. The boys and the cat have been enjoying their new chair God willing, Baby Doner-Shish joins the outside world in the summer.

“I am blown away that we do this. And acutely aware of the privilege, born of nothing but fortune. Sending love to those who’ve had to say goodbye to the babies they lost and the ones they dreamed of.”

Some of Nina’s followers had already suspected that she was pregnant, with several commenting on her Instagram posts from February asking when the baby is due, and another commenting on a post from 1 March ‘you are hiding that baby bump well.’

Who is Nina Warhurst’s husband?

Nina is married to husband Ted, 40, a caterer based in Manchester. Nina Warhurst is happily married to her husband Ted, who is a caterer. He runs the catering company Fed by Ted which runs pop up stalls and private catering across Manchester and further afield. He shares images of the meals his company makes on his Instagram account @fedbyted1.

Nina and Ted met on holiday in Croatia in 2013 and began dating - they got married in March 2014 and will celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary today (21 March). The pair have two children, Digby who was born in 2016, and Michael, born in 2018.

When is Nina Warhurst’s baby due?

Nina has not announced a due date for her baby, however she said in her pregnancy announcement post that she was into the middle stages of her pregnancy and that her third child will be due in summer. Nina has not announced the sex of the baby - she joked in her Instagram post about ‘baby  Doner-Shish’, but thankfully that was a reference to the food she has been eating during her pregnancy rather than her baby’s name.