Our Changing Planet: new BBC documentary with Liz Bonnin - release date, locations, and what it’s about

Our Changing Planet explores the impact of climate change in six locations around the world

Our Changing Planet is a two part documentary that showcases the global issues threatening our planet and its ecosystems.

Filmed over seven years, it follows seven presenters around the world, as they explore diverse habitats, wildlife conservation and the dangers posed by climate change to our planet.

Featuring well-known faces like Chris Packam, Liz Bonnin, Ade Adepitan and Gordon Buchanan, the show explores how no part of the world has been left untouched by climate change.

Here’s everything you need to know about Our Changing Planet.

When can I watch Our Changing Planet BBC documentary?

Our Changing Planet will be released on BBC One this Sunday (24 April) at 7.00pm.

The series is made up of two parts, with the second episode airing on 1 May at 7.00pm.

But don’t worry if you’re not able to catch it on BBC One, both episodes will be able to watch on BBC iPlayer after they have aired.

What is Our Changing Planet about?

Filmed over seven years, Our Changing Planet records the impact of climate change in six countries around the world and the people who are working hard to fight against it.

Viewers watch as over the seven years we see firsthand the impact of desertification, our warming sea temperatures, melting glaciers, deforestation and economic development on the planet.

Documenting these stories are six presenters including Chris Packham, Liz Bonnin, Ade Adepitan and Gordon Buchanan, who meet with the scientists and conservationists who are fighting for change.

The first episode of the two-part series will air on BBC One this Sunday (24 April) at 7.00pm.

Who are the six presenters in Our Changing Planet?

Our Changing Planet will follow Steve Backshall, Chris Packham, Ellla Al-Shamah, Liz Bonnin, Ade Adepitan and Gordon Buchanan.

Each presenter will take us to a different country, showcasing the unique habitat of that nation and exploring the threatened ecosystems and hard-working activists who are fighting back against climate change.

From the rainforests in Brazil to the beaches of The Maldives, no area of our planet has not been affected.

Speaking to INews about his experience in Brazil Gordon Buchanan said:

“The Amazon has seen a huge amount of change in the last three decades, and the devastation of the rainforest is something that you really have to see to get your head around.”

“Several years ago, you could fly over the southern part of the Amazon for four hours and it would be completely unbroken rainforest, home to a multitude of different species.”

Now, when flying over the same area, there are about two hours of degraded lands that are comparatively devoid of life. That was really shocking for me to see.”

What locations do they visit in Our Changing Planet?

The two-part series will feature six locations, with each presenter visiting a country that has been impacted by climate change.

In episode one we will be joined by Steve Backshall in the Maldives, Chris Packham in Iceland and Ellla Al-Shamah in Cambodia.

Episode two will follow Liz Bonnin in California, Ade Adepitan in Kenya and Gordon Buchanan in Brazil.