Rise and Fall filming locations: where is the Channel 4 reality series set - where is 55 Broadway tower?

Channel 4's Rise and Fall is filmed in London's first skyscraper - which was once the home of TFL headquarters

16 strangers from all walks of life are on their way to this iconic London tower,” declared Greg James, opening the first episode of Rise and Fall. Divided into a group of Rulers living in a penthouse, and a group of Grafters living in a basement, Rise and Fall is a new series from the creators of The Traitors that promises to cross reality TV with the movie Parasite.

But where actually is Rise and Fall filmed? Where is the Penthouse and where is the Basement – and where are the challenges filmed? Is it a real place, or is it all a studio creation? Is it really an iconic London tower – and if it is, can you go and visit? 

Here’s everything you need to know about the London filming locations of Channel 4’s new series Rise and Fall.

Where is the Rise and Fall tower?

55 Broadway building, pictured in January 2011 (Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)55 Broadway building, pictured in January 2011 (Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)
55 Broadway building, pictured in January 2011 (Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Rise and Fall is filmed inside 55 Broadway, the building that sits atop the St. James’ Park tube station. Construction started in 1927, with the intention that the building would serve as headquarters for TFL precursor Underground Electric Railways Company of London. TFL eventually left the building a little over 90 years later, moving the organisation into a new base of operations in Endeavour Square.

55 Broadway was the first skyscraper in London – it was never the tallest building, but the first to be constructed with the steel frame that characterises skyscrapers. It’s a little taller than Big Ben, but less than half the height of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Both the opulent penthouse apartments that house the Rulers and the dingy basement where the Grafters stay can be found inside 55 Broadway, and the contestants are staying there through the duration of filming. Certain tasks, however – like the electricity challenge in the first episode – are being filmed off-site in studio locations. 

How is 55 Broadway used now?

When TFL vacated the building in May 2020, it was purchased by Blue Orchid Hotels, with a view towards converting the structure into a luxury hotel. It doesn’t yet have a projected opening date, however, although we know it’ll have 526 rooms. 

Was Rise and Fall almost filmed elsewhere?

It was actually, yes! In November 20222, Southwark News reported that Studio Lambert – the production company behind Rise and Fall and The Traitors – had applied to film a new series in Southbank tower. Per the proposal, filming would’ve taken place across three penthouse apartments, with additional filming held at the Doon Street Car Park in nearby Lambeth.

The proposal was withdrawn shortly afterwards – presumably when 55 Broadway became available – but off the back of those planning documents we know that the contestants on Rise and Fall are filmed for 24 hours a day, and allowed one chaperoned welfare break a day during production. 

When is Rise and Fall on TV?

Rise and Fall began on Channel 4 on Sunday 19 March at 9pm, immediately following the start of the new series of The Great Celebrity Bake Off. 

New episodes of Rise and Fall are airing each night on Channel 4 at 10pm. From Monday 27 March, the schedule will scale back slightly, with only four episodes airing Monday through Thursday night until the end of the series.