Stacey Dooley: Inside the Convent: what is the presenter’s new programme about - and when is it on TV?

Television presenter, Stacey Jaclyn Dooley MBE, is on her seventh season of Stacey Dooley Investigates.

Stacey Dooley. Picture: Fane Productions/PA.Stacey Dooley. Picture: Fane Productions/PA.
Stacey Dooley. Picture: Fane Productions/PA.

The series of documentaries sees Stacey investigate current affairs issues affecting young people around the world.

Episode 3 of season 7,  ‘Stacey Dooley: Inside the Convent’ will air on 7 March.

What is the Inside the Convent episode about?

Stacey Dooley will spend 10 days living alongside the nuns in St Hilda’s Priory in Whitby.

She will give up the comforts of her own home and her busy lifestyle instead following the simple life and strict rules and chores in a real-life Nonnatus House.

The 34-year-old will discover whether some spiritual reflection could help her find a more meaningful life.

What is a convent?

A convent is a home for nuns or monks.

It is a religious community where each person is devoted to religious life under a superior.

The members (especially nuns) live under strict observance of religious rules and self-imposed vows.

Is Stacey Dooley religious?

Stacey isn’t religious and has never even been to church.

However, she is known to enjoy new experiences and often finds herself exploring many different walks of life.

Stacey also said that living in the Convent would give her the chance to see what it is like to slow down and see life from a completely different perspective.

When will the episode air?

Stacey Dooley: Inside The Convent will first air on BBC One on Wednesday March 9 at 10.35pm.

It will later be shown on BBC Wales at 11.05pm and BBC Northern Ireland at 12.05am.

After its BBC One release date, the documentary will be available on iPlayer.

Who is Stacey Jaclyn Dooley MBE?

The English television presenter, journalist, and media personality came to public eye in 2008 when she appeared as a participant on Blood, Sweat and T-shirts.

Stacey was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2018 Birthday Honours for services to broadcasting.

Also in 2018, she won the 16th series of Strictly Come Dancing with dance partner Kevin Clifton, who is now her boyfriend.

From 2019 to 2020, she presented Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star.

What are other episodes of Stacey Dooley Investigates about?

In the first two episodes of season 7, Stacey investigates stalkers.

She meets with victims and perpetrators of stalking, and embeds herself within a police unit focused on these cases.

Along the way she meets an obsessed fan, a man fixated with a girl half his age, an ex-prisoner sending death threats, a young mum’s ex in court, a pilot claiming heartbreak and a stalker just out of prison.

Previously, Stacey has explored the issues of child labour in Nepal and the Ivory Coast, looked into the the darker side of tourism, and  the new frontlines of the global war on drugs.

Other episodes see Stacey investigate young people who are trading on their looks and sexuality for a living, female suicide bombers and the controversial world of whale hunting.

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