The Bridge season 2: Channel 4 release date, where is it filmed, cast, and who is presenter AJ Odudu?

Channel 4’s epic reality series is returning for a second series

<p>Channel 4’s gruelling reality competition The Bridge is set to return for a supersized second series. Pictured are presenters AJ Odudu and Aldo Kane.</p>

Channel 4’s gruelling reality competition The Bridge is set to return for a supersized second series. Pictured are presenters AJ Odudu and Aldo Kane.

Channel 4’s gruelling reality competition The Bridge is set to return for a supersized second series in a new tropical location.

The show will be presented by TV presenter AJ Odudu - best known for hosting reality show spinoffs Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (2013) and Married at First Sight: Afters (2021).

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The show was due to air in May, but has been delayed. We are, however, expecting it to be on our screens later this year.

So, what is The Bridge about, where has the second series been filmed and how can you watch it?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is The Bridge about?

In The Bridge, viewers see a group of strangers given just a matter of days to build an 850-foot bridge by hand, in the ultimate test of teamwork and trust - and there’s a large prize fund at stake.

According to Channel 4, the contestants will be unaware of the epic challenge required to take the money home.

What can viewers expect in the second series?

The second series follows broadly the same format as the first series, but there are some differences.

Two teams go head-to-head to be the first to get their hands on a life-changing jackpot - which has been doubled to £200,000 for the second series.

There’s also more contestants in this second series; in the first there were 12 but in the new series there are 16.

So, with twice the amount of money at stake, viewers can also expect double the drama.

The contestants must put egos and differences aside to work in their teams to face a race to build a bridge over 1,000 feet of water.

They have just 12 days to reach the cash held on top of what is called Fortune Rock.

The person who reaches the money first must choose whether to share the money with their teammates or keep it for themselves.

Who will present the second series of The Bridge?

The show will once again be presented by former Strictly Come Dancing contestant and TV presenter and personality AJ Odudu.

She said: “The opportunity to front The Bridge has happened almost serendipitously. From the Strictly Ballroom I have taken off onto my next, new adventure. Literally.

“It’s so exciting to front a show that promises to push the envelope and I know The Bridge is going to be bold, full of excitement and filled with plenty of drama. Bring it on.”

Adventurer and explorer Aldo Kane joins the competitors, overseeing the challenges that will test their nerves and ability and making sure no one reaches the jackpot without giving it their all.

He said: “Over the last 25 years, I have been operating in some of the world’s most extreme, remote and hostile locations, but this is one of the highest-stake missions I’ve ever worked on.

“For those involved in the challenge, if they can survive the pressure, this could be a truly life-changing experience, for more reasons than just the prize money.

“The cash won’t come easy though, I am looking forward to putting the team through their paces and stretching their every fibre, from morals and emotions to basic campcraft and survival.”

Where is the new filming location?

The second series of The Bridge is filmed in the paradise islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

This is different from the first series, which was filmed in Wales.

When is the second series of The Bridge on TV?

The second series of the Bridge was due to begin on Channel 4 on Wednesday 11 May.

The airing of the show has been delayed, however, and Channel 4 has not yet given an indication of when the series will now be on our screens.

As we wait for the second series to air, all episodes from the first series are available to watch on All4 now.

We’ll keep this article updated and let you know when the second series will air.

How many episodes of The Bridge are there in series two?

There are eight hour-long episodes in the second series of The Bridge.

It is expected that they will all air on Channel 4 during consecutive weeks.

Each episode will also be available to watch shortly after they are broadcast on All4.