The Lincoln Lawyer: Netflix release date of TV series, cast with Neve Campbell - is it based on book or film?

The Lincoln Lawyer is a new Netflix drama series adapted from a novel by the same author as the Bosch detective series

The Lincoln Lawyer, is a 10-part Netflix series which follows wiley defence attorney, Mickey Haller who conducts his business from the boot of his Lincoln Town Car.

The series follows Haller as he deals with the death of his former law partner, which pushes him to assume control of the law firm and take on an important murder case.

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The series is based on a novel by acclaimed crime fiction writer Michael Connelly, who has penned serveral novels featuring Haller.

Connelly also wrote 21 detective novels featuring Harry Bosch, Haller’s half-brother, which have been adapted into the Amazon shows Bosch and Bosch: Legacy.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer

Is the Lincoln Lawyer series based on the 2011 movie?

Connelly’s 2005 novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, was adapted into the 2011 film of the same name, starring Matthew McConaughey and Bryan Cranston.

However, in both the book and film, Haller takes on the case of a wealthy realtor who has been accused of assault and attempted murder - this is not the plot of the Netlflix series.

While the series takes its name from the 2005 novel, the plot is actually borrowed from its sequel, The Brass Verdict, published in 2008.

Some characters’ names have been changed for the series and others have been constructed - so while the series is heavily inspired by The Brass Verdict, there are points where the plot of the novel and the series diverge.

Who is in the cast of The Lincoln Lawyer Netflix series?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller

Haller is the main protagonist of the series, an iconoclastic lawyer who does things his own way and swapped a swish law office for the boot of his car.

Garcia-Rulfo Garcia-Rulfo is recognisable for the all-star western remake The Magnificent Seven.

His other film roles include playing Biniamino Marquez in Agatha Christie adaptation Murder on the Orient Express and Three in 6 Underground.

Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson

McPherson is a Los Angeles district attorney, Mickey’s ex-wife and the mother of his child.

Campbell played Sidney in every instalment of the horror franchise Scream, and starred as political strategist LeAnn Harvey in the Netflix political thriller series House of Cards.

Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson

Christopher Gorham as Trevor Elliott

Trevor Elliot, whose name has been changed from Walter in the novel, is a video game developer accused of killing his wife and her lover - his case is taken on by Haller.

Gorham played Bobby in sitcom 2 Broke Girls and Bob Barnard in the comedy thriller series Insatiable.

Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts

Letts is a former client of Haller who couldn’t afford to pay for his services and so began working for him as his driver.

Letts’ previous TV roles include playing Lyric Ballentine in comedy series The Soul Man, Zoe in fashion drama Vanity, and Sydney Fletcher in romantic drama The Quad.

Jazz Raycole as Izzy

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Detective Raymond Griggs

Griggs’ character was created especially for the series - he is an LAPD Detective who is initially antagonistic towards Haller, but the two eventually form a strong working relationship.

Mwine has previously starred as Jacques in Hurricane Katrina drama Treme, and Ronnie Davis is coming-of-age series The Chi.

Who else is in the cast?

Other cast members include Michael Graziadei as Jeff Golantz, Lamont Thompson as Judge James P. Stanton, Angus Sampson as Cisco, LisaGay Hamilton as Judge Mary Holder, Jamie McShane as Detective Lee Lankford, Reggie Lee as Angelo Soto, and Krista Warner as Hayley Haller.

When is The Lincoln Lawyer series release date?

The ten episode series will be released on Netflix on 13 May.

The 2011 feature film is not currently available to watch on Netflix in the UK but you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video from £2.49.