The Santa Clauses 2022: how many episodes in Disney+ series with Tim Allen, where to watch, will they do more?

The limited new series is a sequel to The Santa Clause films starring Tim Allen

Tim Allen is reprising his role as the lovable Scott Calvin in the new Disney Plus series The Santa Clauses. Allen appears alongside several other cast members from the ‘90s and early 2000s festive Santa Clause film trilogy in the limited series which is being released in the run-up to Christmas.

The rest of The Santa Clause stories were all big-screen films, but this new tale is a TV mini-series available only on the Disney Plus streaming service. The series follows on from the hit films and takes viewers on a festive adventure, beginning with Scott Calvin preparing to turn 65 and planning for retirement down south with his children.

It has been almost 30 years since Calvin accidentally became Santa Claus in the 1994 original film and he starts to realise he cannot be Santa forever, so he starts the hunt for a suitable person to step into his boots. Calvin believes Simon Choksi, a tech bro with plans to reinvent home delivery, is the best man for the job but not all goes according to plan, forcing him to return to the North Pole in a bid to save Christmas once more.

The first episode in the series has already been released but there are several more instalments to come over the next few weeks. Here’s what you need to know about the episode schedule and how to watch.

The limited new series is a sequel to The Santa Clause films starring Tim Allen (Photo: Disney)

How many episodes are in The Santa Clauses series?

There will be six episodes in total in the The Santa Clauses series. The first two episodes were released on Disney Plus on 16 November. The following episodes will be released on a weekly schedule, with new instalments set to air every Wednesday until the series finale on 14 December.

The full release schedule for the series on the streaming service is as follows:

  • Episode 1 – Wednesday 16 November
  • Episode 2 – Wednesday  - 16 November
  • Episode 3 – Wednesday  - 23 November
  • Episode 4 – Wednesday  30 November
  • Episode 5 - Wednesday 7 December
  • Episode 6 - Wednesday 14 December

Is there a second series?

The Santa Clauses is not currently expected to return for a second season. The new show is a limited mini-series only, meaning it is unlikely to continue after the final episode. The fourth episode airs on Wednesday (30 November).

When the sixth and final episode lands on 14 December, it is expected to bring an end to Scott Calvin’s story for good.

How can I watch the series?

To watch the mini-series you will need to a Disney Plus subscription. At the moment, UK Disney Plus subscribers pay £7.99 per month or £79.90 for the year. Paying annually rather than monthly can help to cut costs as it works out as a 15% saving over the year.

Disney has also introduced a Premier option for an extra £19.99 to get early access to certain content, with this service adding 14.4 million subscribers between April and June this year. Tesco Clubcard holders can sometimes exchange their points for a Disney Plus subscription, while mobile provider O2 offers a subscription of up to six months to new customers or those upgrading their plan.

Matilda Lawler as Betty, Elizabeth Allen-Dick as Sandra Calvin-Claus, Austin Kane as Buddy Calvin-Claus, Tim Allen as Scott Calvin and Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Calvin. ( PA Photo/Disney/James Clark.)

You can sign up for Disney Plus by visiting the website and clicking ‘sign up now’. Enter your email address and a password and then choose your subscription type - you can choose a monthly or annual subscription.

To sign up from a mobile device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Disney+ app.