When is The Apprentice 2023 final? Date, time, how to watch on TV - which candidates are left

The remaining candidates are vying to earn a £250,000 investment for their business whilst also becoming Alan Sugar’s new partner

The remaining candidates are vying to earn a £250,000 investment for their business (Dailymotion)The remaining candidates are vying to earn a £250,000 investment for their business (Dailymotion)
The remaining candidates are vying to earn a £250,000 investment for their business (Dailymotion)

Alan Sugar’s search for a business partner is close to reaching its conclusion as viewers prepare for the final of The Apprentice 2023. The long running BBC show returned to our screens earlier this year in January with 18 contestants battling it out over a series of different business-related tasks each week.

The contestants have gradually been whittled down over the course of the season, with the remaining players now vying to secure the prize of £250,000 to fund their business idea whilst also receiving expert advice from billionaire Alan Sugar.

But when is the final of this year’s show - and who is still in the race to become Lord Sugar’s next business partner? Here is everything you need to know.

When is The Apprentice final 2023?

The Apprentice final will take place on Thursday 23 March 2023.

The last episode will feature the two remaining candidates, both of whom will be vying to emulate the success of previous winners such as Ricky Martin, Mark Wright and Carina Lepore, who have all gone on to achieve great success with their businesses after winning the show.

A preview for the final on BBC explains: “The last two must launch their business, create a new brand for their company, produce a digital billboard, direct and edit a television advertisement and design a metaverse, before pitching to Lord Sugar and industry experts at a black-tie event.”

How to watch The Apprentice final?

The final of The Apprentice will air on BBC One at 9pm, with the winner receiving a £250,000 investment in their business at the end of the show. You can watch the final after it finishes at 10pm on the BBC iPlayer which is available for you to download on your mobile phone or tablet device. Viewers are also able to catch up on any previous episodes throughout the series on the BBC iPlayer.

Who are the remaining candidates on The Apprentice?

Just two candidates remain in the race to become Alan Sugar’s new business partner. These are:

  • Marnie Swindells, a court advocate from London
  • Rochelle Anthony, a hair salon owner from Bedfordshire

Who are the previous winners of The Apprentice?

The Apprentice has aired every year since 2005 and there have been a total of seventeen winners over the years.

  • Season 1 (2005) - Tim Campbell
  • Season 2 (2006) - Michelle Dewberry
  • Season 3 (2007) - Simon Ambrose
  • Season 4 (2008) - Lee McQueen
  • Season 5 (2009) -Yasmina Siadatan
  • Season 6 (2010) - Stella English
  • Season 7 (2011) - Tom Pellereau
  • Season 8 (2012) - Ricky Martin
  • Season 9 (2013) - Leah Totton
  • Season 10 (2014) - Mark Wright
  • Season 11 (2015) - Joseph Valentine
  • Season 12 (2016) - Alana Spencer
  • Season 13 (2017) - Sarah Lynn and James White (joint winner)
  • Season 14 (2018) - Sian Gabbidon
  • Season 15 (2019) - Carina Lepore
  • Season 16 (2022) - Harpreet Kaur