Workin’ Moms season 6: who is in cast with Catherine Reitman, trailer, and Netflix release date

Viewers will see Kate, Anne, Jenny, and Frankie continue to try to balance their lives as working mums

<p>Workin’ Moms season six has aired on Netflix in the UK (Credit CBC)</p>

Workin’ Moms season six has aired on Netflix in the UK (Credit CBC)

Catherine Reitman’s comedy series Workin’ Mums has returned to Netflix for a sixth season.

The series, which first launched in the UK on Netflix in 2017, follows four best friends as they balance their lives as mothers, wives, friends and workers.

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So, what is the new series about, who is in it, how many episodes are there and how can you watch it?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Workin’ Moms about?

Canadian sitcom Workin’ Moms tells the story of four ambitious and daring working mothers who have to juggle looking after their children with other family commitments, while working in highly pressured jobs.

The 30-something women each experience their own different challenges after giving birth as they try to balance their jobs, family lives and love lives in modern-day Toronto.

Who are the characters?

The show primarily follows Kate Foster (Catherine Reitman) through the ups and downs of trying to raise a child in the modern world while continuing to work in a stressful job.

Her friends Anne Carlson (Dani Kind), Jenny Matthews (Jessalyn Wanlim), and Frankie Coyne (Juno Rinaldi) are also adapting to their new lives as working mothers.

The ensemble comedy is largely drawn from the personal experiences of star and co-creator Catherine Reitman.

Who is in the cast?

Catherine Reitman (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and How I Met Your Mother) is joined by her real life husband Philip Sternberg (Divorce Corp and The Super), who plays her character’s husband Nathan Foster.

The rest of the main cast are also returning including Dani Kind (Wynonna Earp and Coroner), Jessalyn Wanlim (Orphan Black and Scoundrels) and Juno Rinaldi (Such a Small Thing and My Special Guest).

There are also several recurring characters like Lionel Carlson (Ryan Belleville), Val Szalinsky (Sarah McVie), Giselle Bois (Oluniké Adeliyi), Sloane Mitchell (Enuka Okuma) and many more returning.

What happens in season six of Workin’ Moms?

Season six of Working Moms has the tagline “Work-life balance?!? What’s that? Kate, Anne, Jenny, Sloane and Val are clocking in overtime handling big problems at the office and at home”.

At the end of the fifth season, Kate and Nathan received a surprise guest at their door who claimed to be Nathan’s long lost son from his previous relationship.

After faking a pregnancy, Jenny learned that she actually was with child and Anne discovered that her husband Lionel had been arrested after punching his daughter’s boyfriend for a second time.

Season six will pick up where season five left off and then, as with the previous five series, viewers can expect to see each of the mothers presented with new challenges as they try to navigate through the complexities of life.

In an interview with E! News, star and creator Catherine Reitman called it an “extraordinary season”.

She said: “I’m just so proud of it. I now can sort of tell energetically, once we’re shooting it, like, ‘How is this going to cut together, and how are these storylines going to work next to each other?’ It’s just an awesome season.”

When is Workin’ Moms season six available to watch?

All episodes of Workin’ Moms season six are available to watch on Netflix from Tuesday 10 May.

Seasons one to five are available to watch on Netflix now.

How many episodes of Workin’ Moms season six are there?

There are 13 episodes in season six of Workin’ Mums. They are all 23 minutes long, and are all available to watch on Netflix now.

Is there a Workin’ Moms season six trailer?

There is a Workin’ Moms season six trailer.

It has the tagline “Back for season six, Workin’ Moms re-examines friendships, demanding careers, motherhood, and marriage”.

You can watch it below.