Large class sizes: the 21 primary schools in England with the most classes with than 30 pupils

Large class sizes are widely accepted to be damaging to children’s education — but is your child in a supersize class?

There is currently no limit on the size of most primary and secondary school classes in England although infant classes – for pupils aged four to seven – have a statutory maximum of 30 pupils.

Some exceptions are permitted, such as including a child with special educational needs who is partly educated in a special school as the 31st pupil.

According to official Department for Education data, 7,752 primary schools in England have classes with more than 30 pupils. The data is for the 2019/20 time period.

In total the schools are home to more than 17,000 30+ classes, containing more than half a million children.

Here we reveal the primary schools with the most big classes in England.

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