When is Freshers’ Week 2022? Date most students will arrive at university, UK events and what to expect

Universities in Glasgow, Manchester and Exeter have already planned welcome events for new students

Freshers’ week is around the corner, with prospective students looking forward to starting their new life at university.

The week-long event is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a student.

From getting to know your roommates, partying it up at the students’ union and signing up to some clubs and societies at the freshers fair, there’s something for everyone.

But when is freshers’ week and what can you expect? Here’s everything you need to know.

Students from St Andrews University are seen celebrating during a fashion show (Pic: Getty Images)


What is freshers’ week?

A right of passage for students, freshers’ week is the period at the beginning of university.

Sometimes known as welcome week, it’s a time dedicated to making friends, getting to know your flatmates, settle into your surroundings and get to grips with your campus, before classes start.

There are plenty of things to do from getting involved in social events, learning about clubs and societies at freshers’ fairs and ticking off any university administration that needs completed.

It’s not all nights out on the town, you will need to register for your course during freshers’ week, with some universities charging students a fine if they fail to do so by a set deadline.

Your university will also put on induction sessions with your course leader, library, students’ union and careers office, which you might need to attend.


Freshers week will last a week for some universities, but others spread events out over the course of a few weeks.

What date do students arrive at university?

The date that students will arrive at university varies depending on their institution.

Most students arrive in time for freshers’ week, with lectures and classes beginning after the welcome week has finished.

Start dates across the UK vary, with students in Scotland beginning term earlier.


It’s important to contact your institution to confirm when your start date is and when you have to complete registration.

Freshers’ week takes place at the end of September (Pic: Getty Images)

When is freshers’ week 2022?

The date of freshers’ week can vary depending on which university you go to.

It is usually held on the last week of September, however, if you are going to university in Scotland, freshers’ week will take place in the middle of the month.

It’s best to double check with your institution when freshers’ week is held as these will be the dates that you go to university.


Here are the freshers week 2022 dates for a selection of universities across the UK:

  • University of Manchester: Monday 19 September to Sunday 25 September
  • University of Glasgow: Monday 12 September to Sunday 18 September
  • University of Exeter: Monday 19 September to Sunday 25 September
  • Edinburgh University: Monday 12 September to Sunday 18 September
  • University College London: Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October
  • University of Birmingham: Monday 19 September to Sunday 25 September
  • University of Bath: Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October
  • Oxford University: Sunday 2 October to Sunday 9 October
  • Cambridge University: Monday 1 August to Friday 30 September
  • University of Bristol: Sunday 18 September to Sunday 25 September
  • Cardiff University: Saturday 25 September to Sunday 2 October