World Alzheimer’s Day takes place every year on 21 September (Photo: Shutterstock)

Alzheimer's disease: 21 signs and symptoms of the condition linked to dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia in the UK

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 1:51 pm

In England, 439,508 patients had a recorded dementia diagnosis as of 31 August 2021, with 62% of those aged 65 and over having a dementia diagnosis, according to NHS Digital.

Of the 439,508 patients with a diagnosis, 424,557 were among people aged 65 and over, with it being estimated that a total of 684,325 65s and over actually have dementia. This means more than a third of people (38%) who have dementia don't know they have it.

But what are the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s to look out for? These are the early, middle-stage and later symptoms of Alzheimer’s – which is the most common cause of dementia in the UK - according to the NHS.

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