Some parts of the country saw 9.5 times as many re-infections from the Covid in the latest week compared to others

Covid re-infections: the UK areas where the most people are catching coronavirus for the second or more time

Re-infection rates in Scotland are particularly high - but which local areas in the UK are home to the most people catching Covid for a second or subsequent time?

Thousands of people are becoming re-infected with Covid every day on average in the UK, with people in some parts of the country up to 9.6 times more likely to pick up a second or third bout of coronavirus.

More than 42,900 people in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland were re-infected with Covid in the week to 11 March having previously had the virus at least once, NationalWorld analysis of data from the UK Covid dashboard reveals, with an average of 4,717 re-infections per day in that time.

That was 57.2 re-infections for every 100,000 people. There is no data available for Wales.

An additional 28,084 people were re-infected between 12 and 15 March, however data is not yet complete for those dates and the total may rise as more test results come in.

In some parts of the country, more than 250 in every 100,000 residents were dealing with a second, third, or subsequent infection in the week to 11 March.

In Scotland’s East Ayrshire, 316 re-infections were recorded in this time, the equivalent of 259.9 per 100,000 people.

That was 9.6 times higher compared to the area with the lowest rate of re-infections, Pendle, in Lancashire.

Positive cases are only counted as re-infections if they occurred at least 90 days after a person’s last positive test. If two positive tests are closer together than this, they are counted as one episode of infection.

The 25 local government areas in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with the highest re-infection rates in the week to 11 March are below.

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