Long covid PAPLong covid PAP
Long covid PAP

Long Covid symptoms: 17 common long-lasting side effects of coronavirus - from fatigue to pins and needles

The Covid-19 virus can wreck havoc on the body, and can leave some patients dealing with side-effects for months after the initial infection

The long-lasting symptoms can affect around one in seven people who test positive for coronavirus, and is known as long Covid.

A new survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released today (1 September) shows that more than 400,000 people in the UK have had long Covid for over two years.

A total of two million people across the country are estimated to be suffering from long Covid, according to the survey.

Some 429,000 – the equivalent of around one in five (22%) – first had Covid-19, or suspected they had the virus, at least 24 months previously.

The number of people with long Covid who first had the virus at least one year ago is estimated to be 892,000, or 45% of the total.

The figures are based on self-reported long Covid from a representative sample of people in private households in the four weeks to 31 July.

Researchers are still learning about the long-lasting effects, but these are the most common symptoms of long Covid that have been reported so far.