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(Composite: Kim Mogg / JPIMedia)

The key symptoms of Omicron Covid variant - and how they differ from other strains

The key symptoms of the Omicron Covid variant have been likened to the common cold

The Omicron variant is now the domint Covid-19 strain in the UK and has fuelled infections over the festive period, with record high rates recorded across much of the UK.

The variant has proved to be much more transmissible than previous mutations and typically causes different symptoms than the original coronavirus strain.

Symptoms of Omicron have been likened to the common cold and its effects have been found to be much milder than the likes of the previously dominant Delta strain.

A recent study by the UK Health Security Agency found that the Omicron variant results in 50-70% less likelihood of hospitalisation.

However, its increased transmissibility and ability to evade the vaccine means that scientists are still concerned about its impact on the NHS, following record case numbers in the UK.

Listed are the key symptoms that have been associated with Omicron so far, and the difference to other Covid-19 strains.

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