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(Composite: Mark Hall / JPIMedia)

Covid hotspots: where infection rates are highest in UK amid warning current measures are ‘insufficient’

A leading scientist has warned that vaccines alone are not sufficient to stop the spread of Covid-19

Covid-19 infection rates have gradually been declining across much of the UK, but in some parts of the country figures remain worryingly high.

A total of 55 (15%) local areas in the UK recorded a week-on-week rise in rates in the week to 7 November, while 321 (85%) saw a fall.

Wales in particular has seen a high number of infections across several areas, with Torfaen currently recording the highest rate in the country.

Covid-19 hotspots are also evident in parts of Scotland, with the Orkney Islands, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Clackmannanshire all among the worst in the UK for infections.

Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and lead scientist on the Zoe Covid Study app, said vaccines alone are not enough to keep infections down.

Prof Spector suggested that a combination of vaccines, lateral flow and antibody testing, medicines and some public health measures are all needed, but at the moment “we’re not doing that”.

He also said Covid-19 is likely to cause disruption over the next five Christmases and warned that more needs to be done.

The government has so far resisted calls to introduce stricter measures, but it is expected that infection levels will likely rise over the winter months.

Here’s a look at which parts of the UK are recording the highest rates at the moment. Areas listed currently have the highest rates per 100,000 people, based on the latest government data up to 7 November. Images are for illustrative purposes only.