Some people do not experience any side effects after the vaccine (Composite image: Mark Hall / JPI Media)

Vaccine side effects: 14 symptoms of the Covid jabs - from fever to possible period changes

More than 54 million people in the UK have now received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, while almost 19 million are fully vaccinated.

The UK government has set a target of offering every adult a vaccine by the end of July, with the rollout currently being rolled out to people in the 38 to 39 age bracket. Some people may experience side effects after receiving the coronavirus jab, but in most cases these will be mild to moderate in nature and only last a few days. However, side effects do not occur in every case with some people experiencing no symptoms at all. If you are yet to be called for your vaccination and are worried about suffering from side effects, here are some of the symptoms to expect.

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