Covid: number of coronavirus patients in hospital in England at highest level since February

The number of patients in hospital in England with Covid-19 has reached its highest level since February, new figures show.

The latest data from NHS England shows there were 11,452 people in hospital in England with Covid as of 8am on Thursday (30 December), which is up 61% from a week earlier and the highest number since 26 February.

The data, published on Thursday, also showed there were 2,082 Covid hospital admissions in England on Tuesday (28 December).

This is up 90% week-on-week and is the highest number since 3 February.

It is also more than half the peak of 4,134 Covid hospital admissions reported on 12 January during the second wave of Covid.

In London, 456 admissions were reported on 28 December, which is up 49% week-on-week and the highest number since 28 January.

The number of Covid admissions includes people admitted to hospital in the previous 24 hours who were known to have Covid-19, as well as patients diagnosed in hospital with coronavirus in the previous 24 hours.

More up-to-date figures are expected from NHS England on Friday (31 December).