Girl, 10, who went to doctors with blurred vision told she had 24 hours to live after brain tumour discovered

Hollie Hartley, from Dagenham, east London, was rushed to hospital with blurred vision when her family was told she would only have 24 hours to live

Hollie was rushed to hospital by her family where doctors told them she would only have a day to live (GoFundMe)

A 10-year-old girl who suffered from blurred vision was told she would only have 24 hours to live when doctors discovered she had a brain tumour.

Hollie Hartley, from Dagenham, east London, felt sick and complained her vision had gone blurry when she was at school.

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She was rushed to hospital by her family where medical professionals told them the schoolgirl would only have a day to live.

Hollie fortunately survived the 24 hours.

After the tumour was removed at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, and following extensive tests, her family were told that she in fact has a rare illness.

Hollie’s older brother, Charlie, 18, told Essex Live: "Hollie didn't want to get out of bed for school or anything - at first I thought she was just trying to get a day off school!

"But when she did go in, we got a call to take her home because she was sick and had blurred vision.”

The young girl was assessed in hospital for six hours before her family found out she had a brain tumour.

‘It was heartbreaking’

Charlie said: "My sister was asking us whether she would die and if she goes to sleep will she not wake up - it was heartbreaking. But we were trying to be positive for her sake.”

A week after her tumour was removed, doctors analysed the growth and found that Hollie had Neurofibromatosis - a rare skin condition which means tumours form on the patient’s nerve tissues.

Numerous patches of light brown skin can appear due to the illness, while fleshy growths can develop on or under the skin.

Neurofibromatosis can also cause enlarged or deformed bones and a curvature of the spine.

Occasionally, tumours can form on the brain on cranial nerves or on the spinal cord.

Hollie will unfortunately need to live with the rare condition for the rest of her life.

She will need to return to hospital every three months for an MRI scan up until she turns 16 years old.

‘She’s realising what she’s going through’

Charlie said to Essex Live: "She's now realising what she's going through.

"We're just trying to give Hollie the best possible life and to make the happiest memories for her as she lives with this horrible illness.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money for Hollie’s regular hospital trips, as well as a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris.

"Any donation, however big or small, is greatly appreciated and after treatment is sorted any money left over I would love to treat my sister to a trip to Disneyland Paris and take her to all her favourite places to make more special memories with her,” Charlie said.

He added: "Hollie absolutely loves Paris and Disney, so she's always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris. It would make her dream come true."

To donate to the GoFundMe page, click here.