‘I was in constant pain’: Mum who suffered 20 years of migraines finally finds relief - after more than 700 Botox injections

Rosehannah Jeffrey, 41, has suffered with chronic cluster migraines every day since the age of 13

A woman has finally found relief after 20 years of crippling migraines thanks to Botox treatment.

Rosehannah Jeffrey, 41, has suffered with chronic cluster migraines every day since she was 13 years old, and has now been relieved of the pain after receiving more than 700 Botox injections.

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Her condition had caused her to spend days at a time in bed crippled with pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds.

Rosehannah Jeffrey, 41, has suffered with chronic cluster migraines every day since she was 13 (Photo: SWNS)

Given up on ‘normal life’

Ms Jeffrey said that she was told her migraines were hormonal and were something she would ‘grow out of’ over time.

As a teenager, she missed a lot of school and was forced into isolation due to the severity of her condition, which saw her taking six tablets and painkillers a day, and eventually having nerve blocking injections put straight into her head.

The migraines continued for 20 years of her life and until six years ago, when the NHS offered her Botox treatment, she had given up on ever living a ‘normal ‘life’.

Rosehannah was initially sceptical that Botox could work (Photo: SWNS)

The Botox treatment is prescribed to migraine sufferers as a last resort, and the mum-of-two said she was sceptical as to whether it would work, but was willing to ‘try anything’ to help relieve the pain.

Botox is thought to work by relaxing muscles and by blocking the pain signals which are involved in the development of a migraine, and this may then stop a migraine headache from being triggered.

Since starting the treatment six years ago, Ms Jeffrey has had at least 744 injections, which has involved getting 31 injections in her forehead, the back of her head, neck and top of her shoulders every 12 weeks at the Spire Hospital in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Ms Jeffrey explained: “Experiencing migraines every single day from when I was just 13 was a crippling feeling. It was a struggle because I couldn’t function and I was in constant pain.

“I was quite shocked they suggested Botox as I thought it was normally done cosmetically. But I was willing to try anything.

“I was stuck in bed for days, just in pure agony. Migraines make you nauseous, the pain is just unbearable. It feels like a white hot pain.

It ‘saved my life’

Ms Jeffrey has credited the treatment as saving her life and now only suffers between five and eight migraines per month, which marks a significant drop from the previous average of around 30.

She said she is now able to spend more time with her two sons, Daniel, 13, and Joshua, 10, and her partner Richard Robinson, 47, and explained that her relationships and mental health have both seen rapid improvements since she began the treatments.

She hopes that other sufferers realise there is a way out and there are alternatives to tablets to deal with chronic migraines.

Speaking about the change the treatment has made to her life, she said: “I can’t believe it worked. I feel so much better now. And the relief is almost instant.

“I can spend time with my kids now which is the most important thing. I feel like I’m a new person.”

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