Life expectancy: the 20 UK areas where newborn babies will have the shortest lives on average

NationalWorld has ranked life expectancy data for every council area in the UK

Babies born in some parts of the UK can expect to live up to 11 years and seven months less than those in other areas, analysis of official figures reveals.

Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and analysed by NationalWorld lays bare the stark inequalities in life expectancy across the country.

The life expectancy for newborn boys in Westminster is 11.6 years (around 11 years and seven months) longer than for those born in Glasgow.

And girls born in Kensington and Chelsea, where female life expectancy is highest, can look forward to 9.6 more years than Glaswegian girls, who again have the shortest lives on average.

The ONS life expectancy data is for babies aged under the age of one and relates to the years 2018-20.

Across the UK, boys born across those three years were estimated to have an average life expectancy of 79.4 years in England, 78.3 in Wales, 76.8 in Scotland, and 78.7 in Northern Ireland.

For girls, the figures were 83.1, 82.1, 81 and 82.4 respectively

NationalWorld has ranked male and female life expectancy data for every council area separately before combining their rankings to find the worst overall areas in the UK.

Figures are not calculated for the City of London or Isles of Scilly due to small numbers of deaths and populations.

These are the worst 20 UK areas for life expectancy.

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