Some councils in England have low vaccination rates.

Polio vaccine: 15 councils in England where the most children have not had jab against virus

These 15 councils have the lowest polio vaccination rates in England.

Thursday, 23rd June 2022, 2:49 pm

Health experts are urging parents across the country to get their children vaccinated after the poliovirus was identified in sewage samples collected from the Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in London.

Vaccination rates for children vary dramatically across England.

Analysis of the latest childhood vaccination coverage statistics published by the NHS shows England’s vaccination rate against polio sits at 92% – three percentage points lower than the World Health Organisations target of 95%.

Vaccination rates in London remain the lowest in the UK with 86.7% of children being vaccinated against polio before their first birthday during the 2020-21 period. The North West has the second lowest vaccination rates with 91.7% protected. The North East is the only English region to be above the WHO target, having vaccinated 95.5% of children.

The data also shows 112 councils across England have vaccination rates below the 95% benchmark. Here we reveal the 15 councils that have the lowest polio vaccination rates in England.

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