Positivity rates across English councils are high.

These councils in England have the highest coronavirus test positivity rates

Nearly 300 councils in England are recording a test positivity rate of over 5% meaning the coronavirus is no longer under control.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:30 pm

Covid infections are surging across England with the latest data from the UK Government revealing high test positivity rates across the country.

The latest figures reveal 294 councils across England, or 93%, have recorded a positive test rate of over 5% over the seven days to 9 September. That’s the proportion of people tested who got a positive result.

The World Health Organisation has set a 5% threshold for determining if the pandemic is under control.

The figures show just 16 councils have recorded a positive test rate of below 5%.

Here we reveal the 20 councils in England which have recorded the highest coronavirus positivity rate.

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