Cheap electric car insurance: the 10 cheapest EVs to insure in 2023 - from Renault and MG to VW and Kia

The electric models with the most affordable premiums as latest figures show an average £180 gap between EVs and petrol or diesel

Insurance is one of the most expensive elements of owning a car and new figures have shown that electric models continue to be more expensive on average than petrol or diesel cars.

New data from Admiral Insurance shows that, across the UK, the average car insurance premium was £807.92 in March 2023 but for electric cars it was £963.57. This is partly because EVs are generally newer and more expensive than other models and partly because they can cost more to repair due to the need for specialist technicians.

However, the figures also show that there is plenty of variety in the EV market, with many models costing far less than the national average to cover. Here, according to Admiral’s Insurance Price Index are the 10 cheapest EVs to insure in 2023.