Ford Fiesta: Eight fabulous models from the supermini’s history, from the XR2 to World Rally champion

As rumours grow that Ford is to ditch the Fiesta we look back at some of the standout models from its long history

Rumours are mounting that production of the Ford Fiesta could come to an end soon as the brand shifts from petrol power to an electric line-up.

The supermini is the best-selling car in British history and has been a constant presence on the country’s roads since it launched in 1976. In the years since then, the Fiesta has gone through eight generations and sold more than 4.8 million units in Britain alone. However, a focus on more profitable larger electric vehicles is thought to be behind the rumoured plans to bring production to an end as early as mid-2023.

If this is the end of the line for the Fiesta it will mark the demise of a car that’s acted as everything from a driving school staple to a full-blown rally star as well as acting as trusty family transport and a desirable hot hatch. To mark its potential demise, here are some of the standout cars from the Fiesta’s history.

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