Best fuel economy cars 2022: 10 most fuel efficient new petrol and diesel cars in UK - and how much they cost

The new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars with the best fuel economy as UK drivers face record-breaking fuel prices

With petrol and diesel prices at record levels, the cost of fuelling a car is an increasing worry for many drivers.

For motorists looking for a new vehicle, an electric car with its lower per-mile running costs might be a tempting solution for some but for others an EV isn’t the right car.

If an EV is for you, we’ve got round-ups of the cheapest models and those with the longest ranges but, if not, we’ve also compiled a list of 10 most fuel efficient cars currently on sale in the UK.

On paper, plug-in hybrids should dominate, with claimed economies running into 200+mpg. However, those figures are massively reliant on the cars being charged at every opportunity - not something every driver is able to do.

Instead, we’ve focused on regular combustion engined cars and “full” hybrids where economy is determined by driving style rather than the ability to charge regularly.

The ranking is based on the official WLTP combined consumption data - obtained using the same testing for every car. While these are still often higher than you’ll get in day-to-day use they are far closer to reality than the previous NEDC system and offer a straight comparison between models.

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