The best cars of 2022: our top new models, from sports cars to seven-seaters and the best electric cars

Our favourite new cars of the year, including the best family cars, luxury SUVs and EVs

2022 has been a year of big changes in the car industry. We’ve seen endless announcements about brands’ commitment to electric cars and a host of new EVs launched. We’ve also seen famous names - Fiesta, Focus - consigned to the scrapheap and even sports car legend Ferrari announce plans for an SUV.

All of this has taken place in a climate of strained supply and economic doom and gloom but the new car market has soldiered on bravely, with dozens of new models launched over the last 12 months, some great, some not so good.

Like all the best “best of” lists, our rundown of the top cars of 2022 is entirely unscientific and subjective but these are the 10 cars that have stood out for us over the last year.

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