Used car prices: top 10 models for rising value and 10 big losers - from Toyota and Ford to BMW and Land Rover

The second-hand cars selling for up to 40% more than they were a year ago, plus the models falling behind

Used car prices have been rising across the UK for more than two years as problems in the new car supply chain have driven buyers to the secondhand market.

Earlier this year asking prices jumped by as much as 30% compared with 2021 and while the change has started to slow in recent months, perhaps as the cost of living crisis sees people cut back on big-ticket items like cars, values are still rising. October saw an 8% increase compared with October 2021 following three months of upward or neutral movement, according to Auto Trader’s Retail Price Index.

While average year-on-year changes have varied between 8% and 32% since January, the latest figures from Auto Trader show that demand for some models has seen values jump by more than 40% compared with last October. At the other end of the market, some less desirable models have fallen in value by up to 15%. Here, then, are the 10 models with the biggest value increases and the 10 that have seen the sharpest price contractions in the last 12 months.