Used car prices: top 10 models for rising value and 10 big losers - from Seat and Ford to BMW and Audi

The second-hand cars selling for between 40% and 80% more than they were a year ago, plus the models falling behind

Used car prices have been soaring across the UK for more than a year.

Like-for-like prices in July were 19.5% higher than they were in July 2021 and the average asking price on AutoTrader is now £4,100 higher than it was in pre-pandemic June 2019.

The latest retail index figures suggest a softening of the rapid rises but costs are still going up as a shortage of supply in the new car market and the cost of living crisis drive more motorists to the secondhand market.

While the average year-on-year change has been around 20%, the latest data from AutoTrader reveals that demand for some models, including a number of popular family cars, has pushed their values up by as much as 80% in just 12 months. At the other end of the market, a handful of models have seen values fall by up to 20% as buyers shun a mixture of premium, performance and downright peculiar.

Here, then, are the 10 models with the biggest value increases and the 10 that have seen the sharpest price contractions in the last year.