Cat body language: expert on 11 signs that reveal their mood - from ears pinned back to exposing their tummy

These are the telltale signs that show what mood your cat or kitten is in, according to a pet expert

Cats are a companion of choice for many people, but that doesn’t mean we always understand them. Whether you are a new kitten owner or you’ve grown up around pet moggies, there will always be something new to learn about your feline friend.

Tying to work out what a cat is trying to say can be confusing at times because, of course, these animals can’t talk in the same way that humans can - so they have to give a lot away with their body language. It is vital, therefore, that any pet owner understands their cat’s body language.

To help you to better understand your super cute cat and what they are trying to communicate with you, NationalWorld has spoken to Paula Stewart, Managing Director at The Animal Talent, an animal casting agency which provides ethically trained animals for film, TV and creative media productions, to get her expert advice.

She said: “I adore working with cats - and dogs - and love to continue my learning with them through play and training. There is so much we can learn from them if we pay attention to their body language and postures.

“Just as with any animal or human, body language of cats can reveal a lot about how they’re feeling. The tail, ears and head positions are the biggest giveaways, but sometimes the whiskers and even hair on their backs have a lot to say. Cats express how they feel in the moment, so it’s important to keep in mind that if they appear nervous in one circumstance, they may be happy later on in the day. These cues help us understand what is affecting them and how they feel right now.”

To help you learn more about your cat, here are 11 broad signs to look out for - and what they all mean, according to Stewart.

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