13 big dog breeds: large dogs that are popular UK pets - from Newfoundland to Doberman and German Shepherd

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with a multitude of breeds popular with pet owners in the UK.

These are 13 large dog breeds which tend to be popular favourites among pet owners

But which are some of the largest breeds of dogs popular in the UK? These are 13 breeds large in size which tend to be popular favourites among dog owners.

This breed of dog usually measures between 66-71 cm tall. They are a friendly and intelligent breed of dog, and can usually happily adjust to a new household.

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Rottweilers are intelligent, large and powerful dogs. This loyal breed thrives in a home with someone who understands the breed. They are usually 54-69 cm tall.
Boxers are entertaining and active dogs who love company. They enjoy spending time with their owners and are usually 53-63 cm inches tall.
Mastiffs are gentle giants. They are calm, good-natured and tend to get on well with everyone. They usually measure between 71-78 cm tall.
Border Collies are intelligent dogs that love plenty of exercise. They make the ideal dog for active owners who will take them out on plenty of walks and adventures. Border Collies are usually around 53 cm tall.
German Shepherds are very loyal, intelligent and love to be kept active. They suit very active households as they need a lot of exercise every day. They have an average height of 58-63 cm.