Some old fashioned names are predicted to make a comeback (Composite: Kim Mogg / JPIMedia)

Baby names: top 10 trendiest baby boy and girl names for 2022 - including Margot, Ralph and Amelie

Traditional and ‘old fashioned’ names are predicted to make a comeback this year

Picking out a name for your new baby is both an exciting and tricky task, as there are so many options to choose from.

Names have drifted in and out of fashion over the years, with some ‘old fashioned’ monikers now starting to make a comeback.

Pregnancy and parenthood website Bounty says that some traditional, old fashioned choices are likely to dominate this year, while names ending in ‘ie’ also appear to be on the rise.

The website assessed more than 300,000 names chosen by users of its app over the last 12 months to determine which ones are set to be the trendiest this year.

Listed are the top 10 choices for baby boys and girls that are predicted to be on trend in 2022, based on their current ranking on Bounty’s top 100 names list.

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