When do children start school? Date term begins in 2021 - and what age children need to be to go to school

Most infant-aged children will be getting ready to start school in September - with children in Scotland starting in August

Millions of parents in England have just found out which primary school their child will be joining in September.

National Offer Day falls on April 16, which is the official date when primary school and junior school places are determined.

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So when does the first term of primary school start this year in the UK - and how old do children need to be to start school? This is what you need to know.

Millions of parents find out if their child got a place at their first choice primary school on National Offer Day. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

When do children start school?

In England, the proposed term date for the new academic year is Wednesday, September 1 - although this might not be the same in different local authority areas.

In Scotland, the school term timetable is a little different. School children are expected back to school on Wednesday, August 18.In Wales, school children head back into the classroom on Thursday, September 2.In Northern Ireland, children will start school on September 1, after the summer holidays.

What age do children have to be to start school?

Most children in England start school full-time in September after their fourth birthday and turn five in their first school year.

Children in Scotland usually start primary school in mid to late August when they are aged between four-and-a-half and five-and-a-half years old.

In Wales, children start the Foundation Phase in September before turning five.The education system largely resembles that of England however the reception year group is known as the Foundation Phase, which replaced key stage one.

Northern Ireland has the lowest compulsory school starting age in Europe. Children who have reached the age of four on July 1 start school the following September.

What is National Offer Day?

National Offer Day falls on April 16, which is the official date when primary school and junior school places are determined.

If your child isn’t offered a place at the schools you’ve applied for, the council is responsible for providing a placement at another school.

This is normally a school nearby with places available. The law states that no more than 30 children should be taught by a single teacher in infant classes, which can change in exceptional circumstances.

You are also entitled to appeal against the decision of the schools you have applied for.

The type of school will determine who will consider your appeal - this could be the academy trust, local authority or governing body.

Your appeal should be lodged as soon as you receive a refusal letter, and should be submitted no later than the date provided.

If the application has been submitted online, the news is likely to arrive in an email or through a portal you’ve registered to.

Or, if parents have applied for a school place via paper format, the news should arrive by letter on doormats by the early morning.

It’s important that you accept the offer by the deadline stated in the letter or it could be given to someone else.