Wagamama is giving out free food to celebrate National Katsu Curry Day - how to claim yours

The high street Japanese restaurant will be giving out their most popular menu item for free - here’s how to get your hands on the deal

Wagamama has become a staple on the British high street over the past decade, with their katsu curry quickly becoming a favourite of millions of customers.

The company are now giving back to customers as they prepare to hand out free katsu curries across the UK to coincide with National Katsu Curry Day. But not everyone will be able to get their hands on one...

Here’s how you can get a free katsu curry from Wagamama on 27 September.

Who can get a free katsu curry?

The offer from the restaurant will only be open to currently-enrolled students. Student will be able to choose between chicken katsu, yasai katsu, hot katsu or vegatsu.

Free curries will be handed out after the restaurant chain joined forces with YouTuber and former London Mayoral candidate Niko Omilana. Niko was crowd the ‘noodle union president’ by Wagamama and is set to make a visit to an undisclosed Wagamama location to celebrate with diners.

How do you get a free curry from Wagamama?

Niko said that one of his first actions of ‘noodle president’ will be to give out the free meals on 27 September, to mark National Katsu Curry day. He said: “Make sure to sign up to the noodle union so that you don’t miss out on a free katsu curry and other epic prizes throughout the year.”

The first 50 students to visit the restaurant between 3pm and 5pm will be able to claim a free curry. Ahead of arriving, students should register on the Wagamama ‘noodle union’ website. You should also take your student ID with you when visiting the restaurant.

Where is the free katsu curry offer from Wagamama available?

The offer is vaild at all UK Wagamama locations. To find your nearest, enter your postcode on the restaurant chain’s website.

The offer only valid for eat-in diners, and will not be vaild for delivery. The promotion will only be valid on 27 September.