How to apply for Warm Home Discount scheme 2022/23: application process for £150 energy grant - explained

The rebate has been increased to £150 and is available to apply for now.

Households are to set to receive a larger rebate on their energy bill under the Warm House Discount scheme.

Some pensioners and people on a low-income receiving certain benefits are eligible for the discount, as the government said it is prioritising those households in most need this winter. The discount does not affect the Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment.

What is the Warm House Discount scheme? 

The scheme is a one-off discount on your electricity bill for the period between October 2022 and March 2023. Previously, the rebate was £140 but now has been increased to £150. As it is a discount, you won’t receive any money.

Depending on your supplier, you may be able to get the discount on your gas bill instead, if your supplier provides both gas and electricity and you meet the eligibility criteria. You will need to contact your supplier for more information regarding this.

The Warm House Discount scheme has been in place for people in England, Wales, and Scotland to help those struggling to pay their heating bills during winter. It was established by the Warm House Discount Regulations in 2011, and the government extended the scheme until March 2026 to help ease the cost of living crisis.

Ovo Energy said the trial will reward customers up to £100 for switching non-essential energy use to greener times of the day (Photo: Adobe)

Who is eligible for the Warm Home Discount scheme? 

Eligibility criteria depend on where you live. If you live in England or Wales, you qualify if you either:

If you live in Scotland, you qualify if:

How to apply for the scheme

Applications are open but how you apply for the Warm Home Discount Scheme depends on how you qualify for the discount. You can still apply for the scheme if you use pre-pay or pay-as-you-go electricity meters - your electricity supplier will be able to tell you how to get the discount if you’re eligible.

In the past, the scheme has been available on a first-come, first-served basis but those receiving the guarantee credit element of pension credit last year received the discount without having to apply.

Which companies are part of the scheme? 

The following suppliers are part of the scheme for England and Wales:

  • Affect Energy – see Octopus Energy
  • Atlantic – see SSE
  • Boost
  • British Gas
  • British Gas Evolve (formerly British Gas X) - see British Gas
  • Bulb Energy
  • Co-op Energy - see Octopus Energy
  • E (Gas and Electricity)
  • Ecotricity
  • E.ON
  • E.ON Next
  • EDF
  • GEUK (Green Energy UK)
  • Good Energy
  • London Power
  • M&S Energy
  • Nabuh Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • Outfox the Market
  • OVO
  • Rebel Energy
  • Sainsbury’s Energy
  • Scottish Gas – see British Gas
  • Scottish Hydro – see SSE
  • ScottishPower
  • Shell Energy Retail
  • So Energy
  • Southern Electric – see SSE
  • SSE
  • Swalec – see SSE
  • Utilita
  • Utility Warehouse

If you live in Scotland, you’ll need to check which energy suppliers will be part of the scheme for winter 2022 and 2023. Some energy suppliers may have opened their schemes earlier. If the electricity supplier you were with stops trading, you may still be eligible for a Warm Home Discount. Ofgem will appoint your new supplier for you.

Find out more information on the Warm Home Discount Scheme here.