Martin Lewis: when is the Money Saving Expert’s ‘Extreme Savers’ show on ITV - and what it is it about

The Money Saving Expert founder meets Brits willing to go to new lengths for a bargain

Martin Lewis is well known for his thrifty tips and knowledge on how to get the best bargain for your buck, protect your cash and save efficiently.

His ITV show, Martin Lewis Extreme Savers, takes the Money Saving Expert out of the studio and into the lives of other frugal Brits.

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So, what is the show about and when is it on TV? This is what you need to know.

Lewis is described by producers as 'the nation's most trusted money man' (picture: ITV)

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What is Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers about?

Producers of the show describe Lewis as ‘the nation’s most trusted money man’, as the show reveals the ‘implausible lengths’ people go to to save and protect their pennies.

The series began on 12 May and has put the spotlight on families living in eco-friendly horse barn conversions, those showering in rain water and others who use reusable toilet roll in a bid to be less economically burdened.

While Lewis is honest about the unrealistic lengths many will go to and how it would not suit everyone’s lifestyle, there are some key take away messages about the real and often unnecessary cost of everyday life.

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What other shows does Martin Lewis present?

Lewis also presents The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV, which has run for five series.

The show is currently not on air each week, but he did host a one-off Live episode on 12 May, which you can catch up on the ITV Hub.

He co-presents the show with Angelica Bell, as they look at the current economic situation in banking, saving, renting property, real estate and consumer goods.

The one-off live show gave hints and tips about booking a holiday, following the alleviation of some Covid travel restrictions.

Lewis is also founder of the Money Saving Expert website, where he also provides invaluable advice on how to get refunds, protect your money from fraud, make the most on savings and get the best deals on goods and services.

When is Martin Lewis' Extreme Savers on TV?

Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers airs weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm on ITV/STV.

You can catch up on previous episodes on the ITV Hub and STV player.